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The Fate of the Furious
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Aamir into Dhoom 3

Aamir into Dhoom 3

Move over, heroes-turned-baddies of Bollywood, there’s a new man in town.

So it’s official now. After rumours were rife that one of the 3 Khans would be signed on, looks like Yash Raj Films went with their old favourite Aamir. (Remember Paramapara?) Tinsel town’s teenybopper heartthrob turned award-eschewing rebel turned movie producer turned Oscar nominee turned movie director turned Narmada Bachao activist turned “calculated risk taker” (post-Peepli epithet) is now turning into an onscreen villain.

Of course, you may throw the Fanaa card in my face, but think, was he really a villain in that as much as he was someone in the midst of an identity crisis? His “terrorist with a heart of gold and a disastrous hairdo” act didn’t really get movie halls whistling now, did it?

But after sinewy John Abraham and gymnast-on-water-spouting-from-underground Hrithik Roshan, why Aamir Khan? He may have done the whole 8-pack thing with his tummy after SRK’s triumph over the 6 pack, (really, Bollywood, grow up) and the man can pull off any role effortlessly, that much we know (out-and-out fangirl, I am) - the fact that Dhoom is trending on Twitter on the day Aamir’s role in Dhoom was announced is itself an indication of sure-to-be box-office gold.

But is he really villain material?

Even though he’s going to milk this dry and even though he’s going to announce himself as God’s gift to villaindom on the silver screen in a matter of days, if not moments, I for one am willing to bet my bottom rupee that Dhoom 3 will be a smashing success and might even resurrect the almost-dead dreams of Bollywood glory for the younger Bachchan.

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