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Krrish sequel: Sold out

Krrish Rakesh Roshan has played a pioneer in Indian cinema and one of the highest grossing film in 2006. It marked the first major superhero movies of Bollywood, Shekhar Kapur, as the President of India, the film has drawn praise and more evaluation blockbuster.

Hrithik Roshan
With such a positive reception, it is not surprising that a sequel has been chalked out to be. But in this industry very unpredictable, although the original was a stroke of mega Krrish, one man with a keen business sense of Rakesh Roshan would be able to sell a product (after Krrish) before it goes even on land.

According to sources, after the maker of the hit movie Krrish was sold almost in its entirety.

A source says, "by Rakesh Roshan has retained only the right to film in Mumbai.

All other areas have made for a good price. "And, being equally around rumored that the rights of the chain were sold to a conductive channel for a price, speculated to be higher than that even Aamir Khan has received 3 Idiots.

Roshan resolution to sell the rights to follow-up, scheduled to go to floors in November, is not the only unconventional decision made. Interestingly, the film maker has sold the film rights to many distributors.

"While Eros International has acquired the rights of foreigners, the rights of all and India were sold to individual companies," the source added.

When asked why Roshan has opted to sell the rights to more than one company, the source said: "Well, businesses today create many problems, especially financial arrangements, which have a negative effect on the film. Rakesh Roshan has been very good business and knows what is happening around them. "

Apparently, the soundtrack, which consists of the director's brother Rajesh Roshan, is a division.

The source said the rights were acquired by the music of T-Series Rs 5 crore. While the soundtrack is in its preliminary stage, the only song that T-Series course, in the original film, was convincing enough for the company to buy the music rights.

When contacted, boss of the T-Series Bhushan Kumar, confirmed: "We are very pleased to be associated with a franchise as fresh Krrish".

After Krrish stars Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Chitrangada Singh and Vivek Oberoi.

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Farhan Akhtar Wants To Work With Salman Khan

Dabangg 2 is all set to hit the ground next year and Sonu Sood is preparing to go bad, brother Chheda Singh, again inspired by his hit south. "For Dabangg, I brought many complications of my character in Puri Jagannath Telugu movie Ek Niranjan (2009). Dabangg and 2, also intends to build in my role in the upcoming Telugu film, Dookudu "says Sonu.

The actor believes that such details, and has the love all kinds of fans. "I spent a lot of Bihari boys during my engineering days, so I'm going to build on this experience in the film too much," he adds.

With sequel odds of hitting the ground around February-March next year's hit movie, the producer of Arbaaz Khan will take over the director Abhinav Kashyap.

"In fact, some scenes of Arbaaz told me on two Dabangg IFA. It turned out fantastic. In the film, I play the brother Chheda Singh, who is out to avenge the death of his brother Salman Khan," he inform.

Back actress has already started working on this role. "I'm going to bring Chheda mannerisms and characteristics, but my nature is more raw and dangerous with, of course, an undercurrent of humor."

Enthused by the response to Bbuddah Baap Hoga Terra, Sonu confirms that once the film is also on the cards. Then we will see in Maxim Naseeruddin Shah and Rana Rajinikanth, which is excited, "I am very happy after seeing the series and the storyboard. Rajni sir is looking for personal progress."

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Katrina, Salman Embraces Light On Public

After breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif has realized that need and that is your true friend. The actress, who is usually very reserved in his private life, as well as in public and never spoke of her relationship with Salman Khan embraced him for two minutes in the glare of full public and the media.

Katrina & Salman Jaddu Ki Jappi
All this happened in the reality show hosts Farah Khan. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were the special guests on the program and when they were called to the scene, Katrina and Salman kissed by two minutes, regardless of the presence of the public and at least worry about the media with his "Jaddu Ki Jappi ".

When the unexpected happened, the audience is with your mouth open. Seems to revive the love of old in the program, but before the media could extend beyond the fire, Farah Khan warned the media not to broadcast the photographs. He even threatened to quit the program, if any pictures of the incident flight.

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ZNMD Gets Mixed Reactions From Critics

Critics verdict is out. Zindagi Na Milega Dobara is a clock cool despite the lack of drama in the first half. It will appeal to a limited audience.

"Of course, Dobara Milega Zindagi Na is a movie with friends, as Dil Chahta Hai or any other movie that focuses on friends.

However, comparison and Na Dil Chahta Hai Zindagi Dobara Milega not be correct. Indeed, the difference lies in the fact that individuals in the two films deal with various problems. While Dil Chahta Hai was the friendship between three young people and the journey of each individual committed thereafter Dobara Milega Zindagi Na is the opposite in terms of content [Screenplay: Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti] and that the execution of written documentation. "

But Satyen K. Bordoloi, IANS hear appeals for a select few films. "Yes, only a select few, the neo-rich per cent of its users, who find nirvana swim the seas of Spain, or to whom freedom is a feeling of the hand of the wind from a fast machine, the message is clear - you only live once so live it fully but it is a miracle. should be a commercial film is made to keep only one per cent of viewers? "

First half of the film might disappoint people who love their dose of drama. Nikhat Kazmi wrote The Times of India: "No obstacle seems to be a bit small, however. The first half of the film is low on drama and song takes place as a tourist in Spain. You get a little respect rough three friends and the output of the hotels, car hire, play tricks on youth and engage in traditional adventure sports such as diving and skydiving. Of course, there are plenty of jokes too kind friends, as Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar ghost of the past battle. And yes, a dash of romance Katrina parade in their lives as the remnants of free spirit with a wild side of your car attractive.


Among the ideas stand out Farhan Akhtar. Written Blessy Chettiar, DNA, "The performances are honest and tell the whole line, but still stand out Farhan (Warning:. Some biases may be at play here) Roshan, Farhan Deol and stick to their panties Zoya often embodied and true to their characters, and never sur-le-Haut. They left the inherent properties of the characters to talk. Same with Koechlin, whose clean and tidy Natasha is certainly not as much as his character in real life. All are easy-going, to play their parts and enjoy while in the law. Kaif is "tumhari hai Zindagi badalnewali" made me cringe, but overall the effort to make credibility Laila can not be compromised. You wish you could have a life of it, fly to some of the world for three months daredevilry and lots of fun. "


Although the screenplay is the film is the proper flow rate, the rate would have been better. Writes Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV, "screenplay by Zoya Akhtar and director Reema Kagti, manages to remain, of course, to the end, even if the narrative rhythm is not what you look for up to three friends to indulge in jokes constantly -. Intelligent jokes and The non-sequiturs are willing tossed unmoved - and play pranks on guests and others, have serious emotional problems to solve, and many of the ingrained fears and doubts to win. "


"The dialogue is fresh, they will not make you lol;. They are more tender, like digging in the ribs, the real triumph is that the characters are real and life-like," said Ayaz Shaikh, Rediff .


Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama, sums up quite well. "Overall, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has its share of gains and cons, the ups and downs. It really is not fan of kitsch, or have the appetite typical masala entertainers. This one has more viewers to sophisticated tastes, and feelings. It 'a film more advanced, mature and film-literate audience, which is geared to embrace and support the latest genre films. "

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'Harry Potter' Finale Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

End every Friday (July 15), "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" is the last time you will be a "Harry Potter" film shown in theaters. Nearly a decade ago, MTV News has written about how "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" Eminem beat "8 Mile" at the box office and the exciting news that Gary Oldman, known as Count Dracula in the moment, had joined the cast of "The Prisoner of Azkaban."

Our coverage of the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" began three years ago with the announcement that the big screen adaptation of the novel split final "Potter" films in two, and it is strange to think that after all that time film series is finally over. In honor of all the time we spent to cover the "Deathly Hallows, Part 2," we are exporting to the MTV News Archive journey to cover the entire history of cinema in recent MTV News Tips Sheet.

Descriptions of the parties' final

MTV News caught with Daniel Radcliffe leading man at the end of 2009, when the cast was the knee in a shooting and "Deathly Hallows" films, and he said it was set to "only madness." It makes sense, given the combined running time of films is about five hours and are some of the most exciting climax of the series. Radcliffe feared resumption of a great scene where he walks into the forest to meet Voldemort, and Tom Felton was looking forward to filming epilogue. When I finally did shoot a scene, Felton had the good fortune to be his real life girlfriend Olivia Jade to play the wife of the screen. But it was the last battle sequences, which were the most exciting co-star Evanna Lynch and Bonnie Wright, the first of which was brought to tears of scenes. Robbie Coltrane agree with them, saying they were his favorite scenes from the movie.

The decision to turn in 3-D

But production was not yet complete. According to film the popular trend, decided the creative team behind "Deathly Hallows" for post-convert movies in 3-D. Producer David Heyman spoke to MTV News during the week in 3-D and said he was optimistic about the change, adding that he believed the film would be "more epic" 3-D. "Deathly Hallows, Part 1" did not end up converting to time, "Part 2" marks the first time a "Harry Potter" movies were released in full 3-D. There's also the hope that all the "Harry Potter" films, could be converted into 3-D and receive a re-release.

Getting the Right Epilogue

Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and cast of young stars who have played the next generation of magicians met again months after filming finished reshoot the scene hinge epilogue, because the original scene that was filmed was not considered to be good enough. Felton was lucky enough to have made his first recordings to the task, however, as he and Olivia did not have to shoot a new scene. Some other new stars, including Kelly Macdonald in "Boardwalk Empire", was cast in roles that should be in post-production and was the last two castmembers to participate in "Harry Potter" franchise. A cut early "Deathly Hallows, Part 2" was screened to fans in February and was well received, reducing many viewers to tears. Radcliffe response to this news? "Good!"

Trailer Arrive

The first "Deathly Hallows" trailer hit the Web on June 28, 2010, and he mocks both the end of "Harry Potter" installments. That would be 10 months before a specific trailer for "Part 2", then new trailers came fast and furious. Warner Bros has released an early scene in "Deathly Hallows, Part 2" in April, MTV did an exclusive clip Premiere of "Part 2" during the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, which was well received by fans.

Farewell to 'Potter'

The "Harry Potter" movies were released in a decade, it is not surprising that the stars of the franchise have a hard time saying goodbye. Watson planned to have a "really great Brunch" after the final New York "Potter" Premiere while Grint left the London premiere screening because the film was too emotional for him. But man is the hardest to say goodbye, it's Radcliffe, who plays the same name in the series. "I think we proved by" Potter ", you can bring integrity and perpetual growth of a franchise. It should not be a law of diminishing returns after the first film released," Radcliffe reflects MTV News.

Composer Alexandre Desplat has been chosen to create partitions for the final film, and chatted with MTV News about his creative process. Finally, June 14, 2010, put the set of "Harry Potter" packed for the last time.

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Don 2 trailer in theatres this Friday

I plead guilty to say that I would not be a result of Don, but somehow the character not just leave me. In retrospect, I'm glad I did Don 2, "admits producer-director Farhan Akhtar, who is preparing for the answer to the first trailer of one of this year reveals that awaitedfilms forward in theaters this Friday, with-starring Farhan , Zindagi Na Milega Dobara.

Shah Rukh Khan
Farhan is Ritesh Sidhwani partners and co-producers by the fact that, despite the open ending, the duo had not thought about taking the story forward, when Don Chase Begins (2006) concluded. He says: "But then, Ameet Mehta, and Amrish Shah came to us a 'story interesting idea. It took some time to develop it, but finally, in October of last year, we reported the Don off December 2 and 23, as Shah Rukh Khan Promotions says, do not return to the screen after five years. "

Don 2 - Official Trailer 

Ritesh agree that expectations are very high, but he is convinced that the high-speed action sequences, special effects and familiar characters in a new European context that will trigger a 'Oh my God, it's huge! "The reaction of the audience, especially children, who admits he is the basis of Don's biggest fan." It surprised me that my own children had taken one likes a bad guy that I realized that the perennial favorite, Tom & Jerry cartoon is violent, too. "

The filmmakers said that apart from the two new characters that have been adopted by Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor, the other played by SRK, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani and About Puri, is the same part and continue where they had left. Ritesh said, "As Rome knows that the death of the good Vijay, Don has survived and is intended to even the score," he said. "The twist at the end of Part 1 was made that this is different from Mr. Bachchan (Amitabh) Don. This is brand new and original without reference points, but you wanted to see Don-The Chase begins to understand what is happening. Don is on its way to become a franchise today. This time, if you ask me questions on part 3, I would not say no. "

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Hot Katrina Kaif in "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan"

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John and Genelia’s sham marriage

Vipul Shah blames Pandit, who claimed to have been married John and Genelia

This is a clear case of a man looking for his 15 minutes of fame. The highly publicized story about Genelia D'Souza and John Abraham to marry was finally canceled. And the man responsible for spreading nasty rumors, a pundit named Bhagwat Guruji, who was recently quoted in the media about John and Genelia are supposed marriage was finally proven a liar.

Genelia D'Souza & John Abraham
Plenty of evidence against him was that word as a producer Pandit Vipul Shah made it clear that John and Genelia never married and the atmospheres Saat "" necessary to validate a marriage have not been performed. The Pandit has shown that the imminent release of the film helps to gain some publicity for himself.

The wedding scene in question was shot in Malshej Ghaat few months ago and exactly the same way that such scenes have been filmed for the big screen in the past. Sources close to the film reveals that the sequence of marriage was not shot in tandem, and a lot of makeup artists and stylists helped carry the John and Genelia "mangalsutra and crowns.

Producer Vipul Shah is furious that his protagonist at the center of a controversy wrong. He says, "countless marriages took place in Hindi cinema, but this is the first time I saw someone so eager to be in the spotlight, as it can go far enough to claim Genelia D'Souza married! I have nothing against Pandit Bhagwat Guruji, but will not allow anyone to point the finger at the great lady in my film that way.'s just looking for their '15 minutes of fame "with no real status. The incident is shocking and curiously there is no truth in it at all. Such a claim must be dismissed as a desperate attempt for attention. "

Genelia D'Souza on behalf of, his spokesman says, "Pundits said it quirk is amazing. It 'very unfortunate that someone would try to take advantage of his being in the same scene Genelia D'Souza in this way. This is really an attempt Eccentric to grab the headlines. "

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Hrithik's Agneepath postponed!

Hrithik Roshan's Agneepath has got a new release date. The film has been postponed to January 13, 2012. 

Producer Karan Johar explains the delay, saying, "I decided to postpone the film because we were fighting timelines. I didn't wish to stress Karan Malhotra, the director remaking this cult classic. We have been having very gruelling schedules. I didn't want to spoil anything for Karan and his crew by asking them to hurry through it. I have seen parts of the film, and what I saw blew my mind. That's the reason why I want to nurture it and give it the dream release it deserves. I believe anything done in haste ends up a waste. Agneepath is very special for us." 

Hrithik Roshan
Is the remake Dharma Productions' gift to Hrithik Roshan, who celebrates his birthday on January 10? "When I postponed the film, the thought didn't strike me," says Karan. "I guess it is a happy coincidence that Agneepath will release a couple of days after his birthday." 


The trade says that 2012 will be a defining year for Dharma Productions because the banner will have five releases in all, including Agneepath. Karan confirms, "2012 will be our biggest year yet. I intend to release the untitled Kareena Kapoor-Imran Khan film. Then there's Student Of The Year, which I am directing. We also have Ayan Mukerji's film with Ranbir Kapoor, and Punit Malhotra's next release after I Hate Luv Storys." Buzz has it that Punit will repeat Imran as his leading man in this film as well. 
"Watch this space," Karan teases, "you'll know soon enough."

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Katrina Kaif To Go Snip-snip!

Actress Katrina Kaif talking about going into business ad for a long time, but it seems that the sexy girl has more plans for this, it took a lot of you do not let anyone know.

According to sources, Kaif wanted to try editing the film, and now his wish has finally come true. The actress seems to have changed some parts of the director Farhan Akhtar second coming of Don

But it was no picnic for her, as she had seemed to satisfy his desire, under the strict control of Farhan, who is also his longtime friend.

Katrina Kaif
The rest of the film is edited by veteran editor Subayi Anand, who has edited such films as Break Ke Baad (2010), Luck by Chance (2009), Don (2006), Being Cyrus (2005) and Lakshya (2004). Anand, apparently, was also present and oversaw the work of Katrina as she sat at the editing table.

"Katrina Kaif wanted to try his hand at filmmaking for a long time. This is a very bright student and sat on the timeline to see Anand at work. Only after seeing and Farhan to work hopes be in the same timeline, "said a source.

And Kaif, the source added, was well on the task at hand because it was not part of the film in some way, that's why was sure he had an objective approach to its assignment.

Most of the players are known to become extremely nervous when their films reach the editing table, because it is at this stage, when the final call and takes the director to decide what the role of an actor to keep and what to share out.

It is interesting to note that this is a film actor Priyanka Chopra and the head of the uninitiated - and kaif Chopra is known to be best friends in the industry.

Luckily for Chopra, she has no reason to fret over Kaif to oversee the installation, even if only a small part and not the entire film. "The part that Katrina not mean Priyanka are edited scenes or even a scene of Shah Rukh Khan for this question. It was a small part, and the intention was to leave

Kaif to get a shot of what is really going to a mounting table and on what basis decisions are made, "said the source.

Kaif was apparently glued to his seat and has taught extensively Nitty Gritti how to use editing software. "Basically, she wanted to get a blocking software. It was a bit confusing for her at first, but it is a very fast learner and she went for the ropes soon, "added the source.

According to sources Kaif Akhtar said his friends were very happy with the experience. "After adjusting for the day, Hurricane Katrina Farhan said he was delighted to have learned something new, especially something as important as editing a movie. Also took the opportunity to say Farhan admired the fact that he has many talents - who can sing, you can make movies and act on them as well, "concludes the source.

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Bipasha Basu To Pierce Your Navel Ring

Actress Bipasha Basu is finally time to fulfill his childhood dream of polar-body-piercing, navel piercing very well known. Although the border inspection post in the wanted to do this, since he was 16 years, was afraid of pain that would have to go through it. But, finally, has been pierced belly. Aalim went last weekend visit to Mumbai for his piercing.

Bipasha Basu 
Control border station confirmed the same tweeting "frm d 16 years wanted to get a navel piercing! Finally, the GT has the courage to do it! It looks great on BT, which will improve slowly! Can not workout a lot for the next 15 d days ". In response to this, Dia also her Twitter page. That was all praise for the actress Bipasha Bong in his decision.

"@ Bipsluvurself That's it! Just when people think that there is no way you could warm more to dispel the theory!" Bipasha friends who suggests that it will look fabulous with a naval piercing done and she went on.

Wonder when we'll take a look at it, but it's still healing.

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Aamir Has A Social Cause, Again!

Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan on Monday met in women and child development, the Minister Krishna Tirath to discuss his plans for the campaign against child malnutrition.

Speech after the meeting, the actor, whose latest film Delhi Belly has done very well commercially, said: "We are launching this campaign to reach every child in the country that I will be more for the campaign .."

Aamir Khan
"There are four important steps that we will cover in this campaign. Starting from the moment the child is in the womb of the mother when the mother's diet is more important than the time of the child to power include not only breastfeeding, but also natural foods, "he said.

A ministry official said Aamir met the Minister with his creative team, led by lyricist Prasoon Joshi.

"He made a presentation on the concept and how it plans to conduct the campaign to raise awareness among people about the harmful effects of malnutrition and prevent child into the trap of malnutrition," the official said.

Aamir said: "I am an entertainer when I act in a movie, and I am a social person when I'm connected to a question like that."

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My Boyfriend Is Very Worried: Lisa Ray

After cancer scare him, it was almost a rebirth of Lisa Ray. The breathtaking beauty slid all the way from Canada into our lives through the tiny TV we had in our living rooms, in 90 years. Reproduction Afreen Afreen magic by the late Maestro Music Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has turned the old model of the hottest import then.

Lisa tried to launch her career in Bollywood in India, which went kaput, and she tried her hand on the screen other projects large house. His career seemed to scamper on the right track, when life dealt her a blow. Cancer remains a dreaded word in most parts of the world, ravaged his body, but could not break his will to survive.

Lisa Ray 
She bounced back with renewed enthusiasm and zeal for life, and what better way to be able to live a full life, traveling the world while enjoying the flavors of the original. Today, courtesy his many television, Lisa will be visiting some of the most exotic places in the world, all expenses paid. After all, the rolls for business and pleasure in one of this beautiful lady.

Currently, Lisa is in India, promoting his latest TV show - Oh my gold! FTA a program leading to many cultural centers in India, places all united by a common thread - jewelry and gemstones.

For someone who has spent most of his formative years in Canada and has visited India only once a year during school holidays, jewelry, Lisa was not a part of popular culture. Speaking to IBNLive, she admits, "Growing up, we used to come to Calcutta on an annual basis. It is when we made our annual trip to the jewelry, designed and made ready. It was part of my mythology while growing up. "

Of course, to investigate the shooting and took Lisa appears in shops and kiosks across the country that sell fine jewelry. It was triggered by the visual splendor of a mad desire to go their own expense? He has done, or gold (pun intended) to Lisa to convince her boyfriend to invest in some of the classic songs of his love lady? Although our average Bollywood star would be easily a half-step questions suitors, Lisa openly acknowledges: "During the filming of the show, my taste has evolved to the expensive jewelry. My boyfriend (Lisa is said to be dating Paola Zambaldi with Paris-based fashion photographer) is very concerned ... "and ends up matching giggles.

Bling and shortened his heart? Lisa rolls her eyes in sports and a mischievous smile on her face before she answered: "If someone has to draw, it would be fun to have all the gold on a golden platter!"

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