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Katrina Kaif To Go Snip-snip!

Actress Katrina Kaif talking about going into business ad for a long time, but it seems that the sexy girl has more plans for this, it took a lot of you do not let anyone know.

According to sources, Kaif wanted to try editing the film, and now his wish has finally come true. The actress seems to have changed some parts of the director Farhan Akhtar second coming of Don

But it was no picnic for her, as she had seemed to satisfy his desire, under the strict control of Farhan, who is also his longtime friend.

Katrina Kaif
The rest of the film is edited by veteran editor Subayi Anand, who has edited such films as Break Ke Baad (2010), Luck by Chance (2009), Don (2006), Being Cyrus (2005) and Lakshya (2004). Anand, apparently, was also present and oversaw the work of Katrina as she sat at the editing table.

"Katrina Kaif wanted to try his hand at filmmaking for a long time. This is a very bright student and sat on the timeline to see Anand at work. Only after seeing and Farhan to work hopes be in the same timeline, "said a source.

And Kaif, the source added, was well on the task at hand because it was not part of the film in some way, that's why was sure he had an objective approach to its assignment.

Most of the players are known to become extremely nervous when their films reach the editing table, because it is at this stage, when the final call and takes the director to decide what the role of an actor to keep and what to share out.

It is interesting to note that this is a film actor Priyanka Chopra and the head of the uninitiated - and kaif Chopra is known to be best friends in the industry.

Luckily for Chopra, she has no reason to fret over Kaif to oversee the installation, even if only a small part and not the entire film. "The part that Katrina not mean Priyanka are edited scenes or even a scene of Shah Rukh Khan for this question. It was a small part, and the intention was to leave

Kaif to get a shot of what is really going to a mounting table and on what basis decisions are made, "said the source.

Kaif was apparently glued to his seat and has taught extensively Nitty Gritti how to use editing software. "Basically, she wanted to get a blocking software. It was a bit confusing for her at first, but it is a very fast learner and she went for the ropes soon, "added the source.

According to sources Kaif Akhtar said his friends were very happy with the experience. "After adjusting for the day, Hurricane Katrina Farhan said he was delighted to have learned something new, especially something as important as editing a movie. Also took the opportunity to say Farhan admired the fact that he has many talents - who can sing, you can make movies and act on them as well, "concludes the source.


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