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John and Genelia’s sham marriage

Vipul Shah blames Pandit, who claimed to have been married John and Genelia

This is a clear case of a man looking for his 15 minutes of fame. The highly publicized story about Genelia D'Souza and John Abraham to marry was finally canceled. And the man responsible for spreading nasty rumors, a pundit named Bhagwat Guruji, who was recently quoted in the media about John and Genelia are supposed marriage was finally proven a liar.

Genelia D'Souza & John Abraham
Plenty of evidence against him was that word as a producer Pandit Vipul Shah made it clear that John and Genelia never married and the atmospheres Saat "" necessary to validate a marriage have not been performed. The Pandit has shown that the imminent release of the film helps to gain some publicity for himself.

The wedding scene in question was shot in Malshej Ghaat few months ago and exactly the same way that such scenes have been filmed for the big screen in the past. Sources close to the film reveals that the sequence of marriage was not shot in tandem, and a lot of makeup artists and stylists helped carry the John and Genelia "mangalsutra and crowns.

Producer Vipul Shah is furious that his protagonist at the center of a controversy wrong. He says, "countless marriages took place in Hindi cinema, but this is the first time I saw someone so eager to be in the spotlight, as it can go far enough to claim Genelia D'Souza married! I have nothing against Pandit Bhagwat Guruji, but will not allow anyone to point the finger at the great lady in my film that way.'s just looking for their '15 minutes of fame "with no real status. The incident is shocking and curiously there is no truth in it at all. Such a claim must be dismissed as a desperate attempt for attention. "

Genelia D'Souza on behalf of, his spokesman says, "Pundits said it quirk is amazing. It 'very unfortunate that someone would try to take advantage of his being in the same scene Genelia D'Souza in this way. This is really an attempt Eccentric to grab the headlines. "


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