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ZNMD Gets Mixed Reactions From Critics

Critics verdict is out. Zindagi Na Milega Dobara is a clock cool despite the lack of drama in the first half. It will appeal to a limited audience.

"Of course, Dobara Milega Zindagi Na is a movie with friends, as Dil Chahta Hai or any other movie that focuses on friends.

However, comparison and Na Dil Chahta Hai Zindagi Dobara Milega not be correct. Indeed, the difference lies in the fact that individuals in the two films deal with various problems. While Dil Chahta Hai was the friendship between three young people and the journey of each individual committed thereafter Dobara Milega Zindagi Na is the opposite in terms of content [Screenplay: Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti] and that the execution of written documentation. "

But Satyen K. Bordoloi, IANS hear appeals for a select few films. "Yes, only a select few, the neo-rich per cent of its users, who find nirvana swim the seas of Spain, or to whom freedom is a feeling of the hand of the wind from a fast machine, the message is clear - you only live once so live it fully but it is a miracle. should be a commercial film is made to keep only one per cent of viewers? "

First half of the film might disappoint people who love their dose of drama. Nikhat Kazmi wrote The Times of India: "No obstacle seems to be a bit small, however. The first half of the film is low on drama and song takes place as a tourist in Spain. You get a little respect rough three friends and the output of the hotels, car hire, play tricks on youth and engage in traditional adventure sports such as diving and skydiving. Of course, there are plenty of jokes too kind friends, as Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar ghost of the past battle. And yes, a dash of romance Katrina parade in their lives as the remnants of free spirit with a wild side of your car attractive.


Among the ideas stand out Farhan Akhtar. Written Blessy Chettiar, DNA, "The performances are honest and tell the whole line, but still stand out Farhan (Warning:. Some biases may be at play here) Roshan, Farhan Deol and stick to their panties Zoya often embodied and true to their characters, and never sur-le-Haut. They left the inherent properties of the characters to talk. Same with Koechlin, whose clean and tidy Natasha is certainly not as much as his character in real life. All are easy-going, to play their parts and enjoy while in the law. Kaif is "tumhari hai Zindagi badalnewali" made me cringe, but overall the effort to make credibility Laila can not be compromised. You wish you could have a life of it, fly to some of the world for three months daredevilry and lots of fun. "


Although the screenplay is the film is the proper flow rate, the rate would have been better. Writes Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV, "screenplay by Zoya Akhtar and director Reema Kagti, manages to remain, of course, to the end, even if the narrative rhythm is not what you look for up to three friends to indulge in jokes constantly -. Intelligent jokes and The non-sequiturs are willing tossed unmoved - and play pranks on guests and others, have serious emotional problems to solve, and many of the ingrained fears and doubts to win. "


"The dialogue is fresh, they will not make you lol;. They are more tender, like digging in the ribs, the real triumph is that the characters are real and life-like," said Ayaz Shaikh, Rediff .


Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama, sums up quite well. "Overall, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has its share of gains and cons, the ups and downs. It really is not fan of kitsch, or have the appetite typical masala entertainers. This one has more viewers to sophisticated tastes, and feelings. It 'a film more advanced, mature and film-literate audience, which is geared to embrace and support the latest genre films. "


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