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My Boyfriend Is Very Worried: Lisa Ray

After cancer scare him, it was almost a rebirth of Lisa Ray. The breathtaking beauty slid all the way from Canada into our lives through the tiny TV we had in our living rooms, in 90 years. Reproduction Afreen Afreen magic by the late Maestro Music Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has turned the old model of the hottest import then.

Lisa tried to launch her career in Bollywood in India, which went kaput, and she tried her hand on the screen other projects large house. His career seemed to scamper on the right track, when life dealt her a blow. Cancer remains a dreaded word in most parts of the world, ravaged his body, but could not break his will to survive.

Lisa Ray 
She bounced back with renewed enthusiasm and zeal for life, and what better way to be able to live a full life, traveling the world while enjoying the flavors of the original. Today, courtesy his many television, Lisa will be visiting some of the most exotic places in the world, all expenses paid. After all, the rolls for business and pleasure in one of this beautiful lady.

Currently, Lisa is in India, promoting his latest TV show - Oh my gold! FTA a program leading to many cultural centers in India, places all united by a common thread - jewelry and gemstones.

For someone who has spent most of his formative years in Canada and has visited India only once a year during school holidays, jewelry, Lisa was not a part of popular culture. Speaking to IBNLive, she admits, "Growing up, we used to come to Calcutta on an annual basis. It is when we made our annual trip to the jewelry, designed and made ready. It was part of my mythology while growing up. "

Of course, to investigate the shooting and took Lisa appears in shops and kiosks across the country that sell fine jewelry. It was triggered by the visual splendor of a mad desire to go their own expense? He has done, or gold (pun intended) to Lisa to convince her boyfriend to invest in some of the classic songs of his love lady? Although our average Bollywood star would be easily a half-step questions suitors, Lisa openly acknowledges: "During the filming of the show, my taste has evolved to the expensive jewelry. My boyfriend (Lisa is said to be dating Paola Zambaldi with Paris-based fashion photographer) is very concerned ... "and ends up matching giggles.

Bling and shortened his heart? Lisa rolls her eyes in sports and a mischievous smile on her face before she answered: "If someone has to draw, it would be fun to have all the gold on a golden platter!"


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