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Krrish sequel: Sold out

Krrish Rakesh Roshan has played a pioneer in Indian cinema and one of the highest grossing film in 2006. It marked the first major superhero movies of Bollywood, Shekhar Kapur, as the President of India, the film has drawn praise and more evaluation blockbuster.

Hrithik Roshan
With such a positive reception, it is not surprising that a sequel has been chalked out to be. But in this industry very unpredictable, although the original was a stroke of mega Krrish, one man with a keen business sense of Rakesh Roshan would be able to sell a product (after Krrish) before it goes even on land.

According to sources, after the maker of the hit movie Krrish was sold almost in its entirety.

A source says, "by Rakesh Roshan has retained only the right to film in Mumbai.

All other areas have made for a good price. "And, being equally around rumored that the rights of the chain were sold to a conductive channel for a price, speculated to be higher than that even Aamir Khan has received 3 Idiots.

Roshan resolution to sell the rights to follow-up, scheduled to go to floors in November, is not the only unconventional decision made. Interestingly, the film maker has sold the film rights to many distributors.

"While Eros International has acquired the rights of foreigners, the rights of all and India were sold to individual companies," the source added.

When asked why Roshan has opted to sell the rights to more than one company, the source said: "Well, businesses today create many problems, especially financial arrangements, which have a negative effect on the film. Rakesh Roshan has been very good business and knows what is happening around them. "

Apparently, the soundtrack, which consists of the director's brother Rajesh Roshan, is a division.

The source said the rights were acquired by the music of T-Series Rs 5 crore. While the soundtrack is in its preliminary stage, the only song that T-Series course, in the original film, was convincing enough for the company to buy the music rights.

When contacted, boss of the T-Series Bhushan Kumar, confirmed: "We are very pleased to be associated with a franchise as fresh Krrish".

After Krrish stars Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Chitrangada Singh and Vivek Oberoi.


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