The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious
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The Fate of the Furious (F & F 8)

Salman: My father thinks my best is yet to come

Salman Khan is a phenomenon. He's always been. It is not the kind that has not proven, has a following amazing fans, and has saved some of the highest grossing film in the last two years.

Salman Khan 
Very interesting, however, the father of the star - the famous writer Salim Khan - believes his best is yet to come

In an exclusive interview with Sonil Dedhia, Salman rave about his bodyguard in the film, drawing from his previous disastrous breeding Bodyguard teammate with Kareena Kapoor, and clears rumors of Sanjay Dutt spat.

Your father Salim Khan said that your best is yet to come.

If he says yes, so I guess my best is yet to come.

After three blockbusters (Wanted, Dabangg and ready), do you think you have what it takes to deliver a blockbuster?

The public has to like my work for a film to be a success. They are those who say that the film is a success or a flop. We make movies so people will be entertained. The cinema is the greatest form of entertainment in India, and I'm just giving my fans and what the public wants.

Has the success of Wanted and ask you to free Eid Dabangg Bodyguard?

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Anna Hazare Is Growing Divergences In The Field To Continue His Fasting

There were signs of growing differences between the field Anna Hazare during the continuance of Gandhi's fast enough Santosh Hegde on Friday, adding another link, Agnivesh, saying that the hunger strike is called off now.

Hegde, a member of the editorial board set Lokpal bill, strongly disagree with the emphasis on Hazare "with it" to Parliament, saying: "I feel like I'm not a team of over Anna, how the things. These Parliament (say what to do) things are not democratic. "

Hazare ask you to cancel the fast, which entered the day 11 on Friday, Agnivesh also said that outbreaks of threats to the Parliament does not become a Gandhi.

"It's kind ... perceived as a threat to the European Parliament" do it tomorrow or after tomorrow. "This is not to be a Gandhi or a quick time .. So it was time for the right to shout, "Agnivesh said.

Vinod Mehta, editor of Outlook, also attacked the "clique" within the team of Anne, accusing them of "playing with my life," Gandhi is absurd printing needs.

"I condemn the dangerous game they are playing in the name of democracy. All right thinking people should speak out against the crack, which is the main Anna Hazare and the nation on a collision course," he said.

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John Abraham lifts a 150 kg bike

John Abraham made his famous obsession for bikes a step further. He has now taken the "overload" literally!

John Abraham
During the filming of the actress recently driving force Nishikant Kamat was filming a scene that needed him to lift a bike and then discard. When he strengthened the film, John has insisted the waterfall itself.

Mr. Vipul Shah Producer, "I was not the day fixed John shot the scene.

Nishikant When I called to say he intended to do it without a harness, said he did not let you do the same because it could hurt your back or knees. But he was confident that he insisted on the scene. "

The bike weighed 150 kg, and the actor does not rely on cables to make the scene. It took a few shots and a great effort to do the heavy falls, but eventually managed to do brilliantly.

More action director Allan Amin, "John is a physical guy so all the action was amazing. We use the cables of some sequences, but when he had to be raw as the scene in the bike, he did."

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