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Salman: My father thinks my best is yet to come

Salman Khan is a phenomenon. He's always been. It is not the kind that has not proven, has a following amazing fans, and has saved some of the highest grossing film in the last two years.

Salman Khan 
Very interesting, however, the father of the star - the famous writer Salim Khan - believes his best is yet to come

In an exclusive interview with Sonil Dedhia, Salman rave about his bodyguard in the film, drawing from his previous disastrous breeding Bodyguard teammate with Kareena Kapoor, and clears rumors of Sanjay Dutt spat.

Your father Salim Khan said that your best is yet to come.

If he says yes, so I guess my best is yet to come.

After three blockbusters (Wanted, Dabangg and ready), do you think you have what it takes to deliver a blockbuster?

The public has to like my work for a film to be a success. They are those who say that the film is a success or a flop. We make movies so people will be entertained. The cinema is the greatest form of entertainment in India, and I'm just giving my fans and what the public wants.

Has the success of Wanted and ask you to free Eid Dabangg Bodyguard?


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