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The Fate of the Furious
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Kareena keeps her cool though Priyanka makes her wait for hours.......

Saif Ali Khan’s love and attention has surely toned down the temper and attitude of Bollywood’s fashion diva Kareena Kapoor. We got a hint of this, when Bebo was made to wait for hours by Priyanka Chopra, but all it could spark out of Bebo was a sour smile.

Kareena & Priyanka

It all happened on Friday evening when Kareena drove down all the way from Pune to Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai for shooting her televised act for an award ceremony, only to find that the stage had been occupied by Priyanka Chopra. When Piggie Chops saw Bebo, she walked upto her and told her that she could not give the stage until 1 am (although Kareena was assigned the stage at 12 am).

Bebo was ready with make-up and hair. So, she waited patiently for sometime. However, PC continued to rehearse till 4 am, and by that time, the exhausted Kareena had left for home.

The next morning, Kareena asked her manager Zahid to cancel the shooting (with Salman for Bodyguard), which was scheduled on Saturday in Pune and then came back to the studio to finish her song.

This would normally have ignited some heated verbal spats from Kareena but this time, the lady kept her cool and later called up the organizers to complain of the inconvenience caused by their mismanagement. They explained it to her that because of some technical problems, Priyanka’s act took a longer time.

PC’s spokesperson said, “Priyanka was not aware that Bebo had to wait for hours. Not that I am aware of. Priyanka had a long act with many changes.”

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