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"Heroine" Out Of Ash, Bhandarkar What Next?

After a first major release to look at the 64th Festival de Cannes, the magnum opus of self-proclaimed Madhur Bhandarkar - heroin - has been blocked due to pregnancy Aishwarys Rai Bachchan.

The message of the first family of Bollywood has come a tweet with Big B and Bhandarkar were in jitters. After apparently using four crores on the project manager must now either drop out make up Rai is fit enough to return to the game, or choose another heroin and over again.

According to media reports, UTV said in a press release that the shooting was suspended script requires a female protagonist to burn, to be under a waterfall, and laughs, and is essential for RAI to be in good shape now. The grueling requirements of the film, which was supposed to wear the latest on July 30 seems to make no allowances are pregnant star. The house has announced that it is no longer part of the film.

Aishwarys Rai Bachchan
There has been much speculation about who might replace him, and the balance heading into immersion Priyanka Chopra, who has worked in "Fashion" Bhandarkar. It was obviously takes a lot to be a part of the project, and the word says that he approached the role of the director. Priyanka, however, put the gossip to rest that he would like tweeting Bhandarkar work again, but this is not. He wanted a movie star, and all the best and it was buried.

The film is about life, once a successful actress called Mahi Khanna and loosely based on the lives of stars like Marilyn Monroe and Madhubala.

The film has been plagued by controversy from the beginning, when apparently, Kareena Kapoor was approached for the role and refused some parts of the script had similarities to his own strange life. And reports also say that Kareena was not comfortable to share screen space with romantic five men separated.

Decisive for the leading man, with Arjun Rampal, was also a subject of speculation and gossip to the huge Arunoday Singh of Fame "Yeh Saali Zindaagi" bagged the role.

The media claim that Bhandarkar was quite depressed to delay the progress of the film, which was already 50 percent done. And apparently not congratulate Rai for the good news. Rai On the other hand is supposed to determine Bhandarkar quite shocked and obsession for the film program.

Rai is expected to deliver in November, and gave the project until July 30. If the dates are to be calculated, Aishwarya must have been aware of her pregnancy, and should have informed the director about it in advance critical time. With one month to go to the shootout at the end - the message seems pretty hard for the production company.

Although unable to conclude scenes, he is incapable of post-production. It is believed that the scene that requires her to drive in a shot and you can easily complete the rest.

The director seems to think differently. While Rai is supposed to take a sabbatical from Bollywood shootings posts, Bhandarkar is worried about his appearance in the film.

Bhandarkar is known for winning national awards for films like Traffic Signal "',' Fashion ',' Chandni Bar" and "Page 3". He is a filmmaker and critical acclaim from all sectors of high expectations and high "hero" - which has a critical look at the massive world of glitz, glamor and money - was not different addition to the sum of reported four million rupees, much has been secured to the film. .

Although it is known, labor laws do not allow an employer to dismiss an employee because of her pregnancy. However, in this case, the burden of weight Bhandarkar could suffer serious losses. Maybe it's time for a "pregnancy clause" in the agreements of Bollywood.


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