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Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger in copyright case as he prepares for Bigg Boss 6

Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger seems to be involved in trademark situation as he makes for Great Manager 6 with a new look. He will game a French-cut facial beard for the very first time..

Success does not come inexpensive and it does not come without disputes. So how Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger could be successful with its reasonable proportion of disputes and more controversies? It has created near to Rs 300 crore rupees at the box workplace until now and there are factors to anticipate the selections to top around Rs 300 crore when it lastly operates out of vapor.

Ek Tha Tiger

Salman Khan
While Salman Khan makes to coordinator the Great Manager 6 that will seem him with an definitely different look –French facial beard – and different outfits, his outstanding achievements at the box workplace with Ek Tha Tiger program is now being known as as duplicated. A little known program author Anand Shankar Panda who has mostly stayed at the edges of the industry so far has stated that the manufacturers have duplicated his tale and many scenarios and plots are taken from his program without any modify.

He has gone to Bombay Great Judge and it is to be seen as to what court chooses. But obviously it is going to be a long and long court fight. But I fall short to comprehend as to why Anand Shankar Panda took such a long time to strategy a legal court. Was he engaged in behind the landscape speaks with the filmmakers to type factor out and when it unsuccessful, he contacted a legal court.

Salman Khan’s movie comes with many firsts. His newest movie is allegedly the more expensive movie that Yashraj Movies has ever created. Associates say, the movie price Rs 80 crores to generate and industry. Another factor is the point that Sallu Bhai has become very particular when it comes to doing in a movie. Ek Tha Tiger was Sallu Bhai’s first launch in the last one season and from the day one objectives were higher than normal. And it was not without any base. He has provided back-to-back blockbusters during EID.


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