The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious
The Fast and the Furious

The Fate of the Furious (F & F 8)

Singh is King in Bigg Boss- 6

The housemates awaken to a wonderful day as they increase to the all-time preferred monitor - "Haari Baazi ko jeetna" from "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander". 

Rajeev John is seen speaking with himself in the lawn place, as he studies why & by whom he has been selected. A while later, Rajeev is seen teasing with Sayantani in your kitchen area but to no acquire. 

She is seen providing it returning to him saying that she doesn't have an older sibling, making Rajeev in a unpleasant scenario. Undeterred, Rajeev carries on his teasing exercise with Karishma where he informs her that he wants to create a poetry on her elegance. 

Meanwhile, Sidhu, Aseem, Sapna and a few others are clinging out in the lawn place. Delnaaz comes all clothed up and Sidhu excellent remarks her by contacting her 'Mahautarma'. Delnaaz is in one of her jovial emotions as she begins performing the well-known music from 'Bobby' - 'Hum tum ek kamre mein group ho' to Aseem Trivedi. 

A shy Aseem hesitatingly connects her as the others compliment and brighten them on. Seeing this, Rajeev gets his tease returning on and tries to appeal Delnaaz, again to no acquire as it is fairly obvious on her encounter that she is disappointed with his feedback. 

Sidhu & Sapna are seen having an extreme discussion about Sapna's human tattoo designs designs. Sidhu is inquisitive to know more about her human tattoo designs designs. Sapna describes to Sidhu that each human tattoo designs on her system represents a stage in her lifestyle. 

A interested Sidhu seems to appreciate the believed. After a while, Sidhu gets into his tale informing method and begins speaking with Niketan, Sayantani and Khasif about one of his attached to cricketing memories! He reveals up and speaks about his first mind-blowing encounter with the cricket tale - Sachin Tendulkar! He talked about their first trip in Pakistan in the season 1989 and how the little expert was a celebrity from his very first times. The housemates are all celebrity hit listening to this tale about their preferred cricketer! 

An opinionated Sapna is seen speaking with Karishma & Sana about Sampat wherein she informs them that she is gradually dropping regard for her because she seems Sampat doesn't take a position up for herself enough and prefers to be taken for a drive by others. On the other aspect of the home, Sayanatani, Delnaaz & Aashka are seen organizing out their variations after broadcasting their issues to each other. 

As a way to amuse themselves, Delnaz is seen trying to put on a pagdi with Sidhu's help in the plant space. Seeing this, Urvashi, Sayantani, Rajeev and Sana Khan also be a aspect of in and are seen wearing 'Pagdis' of various shades exclusively created by Sidhu himself! The relax of the housemates sit returning and relish the 'Punjabi show' as they hum 'Singh is King' and compliment this creatively attractive vision. 

A while later, a 'Chipak Ke' process is announced for the housemates. Khasif & Rajeev are not a aspect of this process as they are selected for next week's foreclosure. Soon, the housemates get into their outfits and get prepared for this interesting process. The champion of the process gets to be the leader for the following One week. After the process finishes, the champion is announced and all the housemates appreciate the new captain's success. 

A little later, Karishma is seen sad and disappointed. She speaks to Niketan about her objective behind arriving to Great Manager. She describes that it was a excellent chance for her that's why she took it up. But as soon as she came to the home, she discovered out that her dad is ill and now she seems accountable that she is not there to deal with him. To assure Karishma, Great Manager then phone calls her in the admission space and informs her that her dad is viewing the display and prefers her in it.


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