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R… Rajkumar review: The most annoying film of 2013

In one extremely lengthy field of R…Rajkumar, Sonu Sood rests with a lot of his goonda cronies and jovially performs, “I am your Fluff. You are my sh*t. Together we are Bullsh*t.” 

Never before in the record of Hindi theatre has a film so astutely relayed its objectives from the creators of the film to the audiences. Which is why I need to take a foliage from a music in R…Rajkumar to elucidate the film’s overall quality: gandi film, Gandi gandi gandi gandi gandi film.

Directed by Prabhu Deva, R…Rajkumar protects the honor of justifying the point that Bollywood can be complete of excitement. Just when you think you have seen the most frustrating film of the season, up bursts an even more mind-shreddingly annoying one. This film also generates the famous honor of being the only popular film of the season that I’ve stepped out of (and I’ve sat through Expanded Ups 2).

Every restriction of any film can be pardoned if it creates you have a good laugh. R…Rajkumar has only one such time, when you understand that Bollywood is trying to earn cash by trying to create ’90′s Telugu films. At all other, periods the film is a thoroughly laugh-free, stupid, teenager, frustrating, moronic, obsolete gulag of guano that galls and irritates with every moving second of its interminable flow of swill performing to be humor. The film was initially known as “Rambo Rajkumar”, and I believe Sylvester Stallone required a ban on the name; not because of trademark violation but because he did not want Rambo to be associated with something so wretched.

A few decades ago, when Rowdy Rathore created Rs 100 crores, someone with a lot of cash to extra noticed, “What a wizard Prabhu Deva is! Someone get him to create another Simbly Southern design film, seek the services of a new performing professional and get it done ASAP! We have a Dec few days to exploit!”

This concept describes why the tale of the R…Rajkumar is similar to ’80′s Bollywood and ’90′s Telugu theatre, and the film is a large punch in the encounter to film lovers. 

Here’s all you need to know about the tale. Idol connects villain’s group as henchman. Both hero and rogue like the same lady. Idol will do anything to preserve the lady. That is it. And that was the tale of Once Upon a Period of time in Mumbai Dobara as well, and the lady in that film was also Sonakshi Sinha.

The saddest aspect of all this is to see Asrani, at his age and encounter, passed cringe-inducing collections and created to split his outfits and take a position in his underwear for ‘comedy’. His performance here is the overall peak of profession embarrassment in this donkey circus display of shameless, unfunny and obsolete skits designed upon ‘massy hero vs villain’.  You also get option collections like ‘mere mooh mat lagna, mai sehed ke liye haanikaarak hoon‘, associated with a onslaught of ‘comedic’ audio hints.

The cause stars are: Shahid Kapoor, who we know has better theatre feeling than this (hint: Kaminey); Sonakshi Sinha who it seems says yes to every performing gig she gets; and Sonu Sood, who is both absolutely without comedy skills and absolutely fed up in anything occurring on the set.

The love-lust triangular between the three is crass and absolutely unbecoming of a film launching in 2013. You cannot even credit score Prabhu Deva for trying to stimulate historical mysoginist desi B-cinema because instead of parodying the category he actually requires it seriously.

After two duration of this trash you experience like bouncing into the display and do to the film maker what Lisbeth Salander did to her attorney. 

If this is what you want to see in a film, contact me. I have a sofa at house. We’ll discuss your lifestyle, your main concerns, your cerebral balance and what is best for you as a contemporary cultured person. I can help. I guarantee.


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