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"Dum Maaro Dum" Hanging On To Demonstrate That It Is "Dum"

Deepika Padukone in Dum Maro Dum
While the world argues that the weak opening of "Dum Dum Maaro 'came as a shock that this claim itself is not surprising. Although the benefits of the film was known after its release, the film must always take the opening of about 30% to 40% as provided in this column last week. After all, Abhishek has had a difficult time and theme (drugs) is not the kind that attracted family audiences in hordes in the shows opening.

The real test for the film begins on the first day was approaching, and this is the "Dum Dum Maar" also improved. But let's face it, the jump was not the kind that has suddenly begun to grow this Rohan Sippy film. As expected, Saturday and Sunday remained stable at 16 crore more the result of the weekend (including paid previews from Moolah), but still there was no significant jump to make a film about the last sign of security.

Bips in Dum Maro Dum
The film has been seen an average of good reviews around with anyone, not a panoramic movie, or going gaga over it. Ditto is a very public reaction, and no one hates the effort and placing there a list of recommendations. It is an issue that is "Dum Dum Maar" the tension and the twist of the story already, which may affect the steps. Even in the coming weeks would not have been a blast emissions of each week, and though few of them are apparently worth enough for up to two days to show these films would have been a dent in the diffusion screen "Dum Dum Maar."

The blue sky is the fact that Abhishek Bachchan is universally appreciated and it makes putting away of the plot, which came up for criticism. For an actor who has been constantly targeted by the accusation of "what good" may in fact be encouraging for him to hear the sound of "why not"!

other release of the week "Zokkomon" was completely ignored due in part to "Dum Dum Maar" In part this is due to the IPL, in part because it is the very kind and because it is a bad promotion. Last minute call to Aamir Khan does not help, as the boys continue to prefer the cinema flock of animated films in Hollywood "Rio" instead of the superhero story "Desi." The same was reported in the programs had been canceled "Zokkomon" over the weekend due to lack of audience, resulting in complete destruction of the film. With a little collection of shows, "Zokkomon" is yet another film for children who watch the bottom of the barrel.

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