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It's Salman, Salman and only Salman for 'Ready'

Salman Khan Ready Movie Poster

Campaigns and "Ready" is related to steam and to assume that the filmmakers do not sell and away from Salman Khan starrer. Without any claim of packaging films, which essentially merges the screen off and Salman, "Hello" does not even try to be different in the same direct access to the public.

"Yes, we certainly would like to" Dabangg 'behind' ready '. We're not even trying to hide and, indeed, is reflected in the promotions as well, "said Bhushan Kumar, T executive director of the series and also the producer of" loan "," it was common in our minds that we had make the best use of "Dabangg" behind us. Even Salman bhai also thought the same thing and he wanted to send the coupon clearly. "

No wonder no one to see a lot of film post-Dabangg Salman, what his body language, mannerisms, and dialogue to live up to its image.

"There was absolutely no interest in trying to be different, just for itself," says Bhushan, "We do not intend to take" loans "in a different direction. If you look at it, "Dabangg 'were only three things they are used as marketing -. Salman, Salman and Salman was everywhere for' Ready" because we are following a similar formula "..

No wonder, even if the "Ready" is a family movie, almost every film frame ads showcase Salman is a role that requires him to indulge in romance, comedy, action, and a friendly dialoguebaazi.

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