The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious
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Aditya Sinha: Why Narendra Modi Will Never Become Prime Minister Of India

This week, the sentencing court of 31 people in crimes such as murder in the 2002 post-Godhra riots in Gujarat makes it clear that it was Prime Minister of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever. It would be silly to try to-point channel to the prevailing anti-Congress feelings around the country that shows no failure in the near future to this selfish person. Every act of Modi shows that he has no doubts about the death of 1,000 Indians in those clashes, is really a case of contempt for the generosity shown towards Muslims, as evidenced by its rapid (Anna Hazare to try to fit an effective tool for the anti-Congress), when he refused to use the cap provided by a Muslim.

In fact, what could be more evidence that it was not easy and the cost of political gestures to apologize for post-Godhra riots? If Modi believes that the absence of evidence of a chain of guilt for technical reasons will be enough, have another coming. And no matter how compromised the credibility of the police officer may be Sanjiv Bhatt, the government's attempts to discredit Modi reflect clumsy attempts of the Congress Party to discredit the team of Anna Hazare is.

As the aggression and ruthlessness modes of appeal that part of the class average Indian, who feels the time has come to India kicks up a gear, not based on most of the Indians, and no one can become prime minister if appeal to the majority of Indians (we do not have the direct election of mail, but also pre-or post-query interruption, regional leaders will think twice before picking up the fortune of this man). India Inc can not stop gushing like Modi is a man of the future, and how he or she is to take India to the next phase of rapid economic growth, but these are controversial assertions. I wonder if in Gujarat, which has traditionally seen high economic activity in India would grow without Modi at the helm. I also wonder how many Gujarati industry leaders are willing to admit that their success is due to the growth and Modi.

In all cases, crony capitalism and corporate complicity in the corruption of high prices in recent years are proof of some of India Inc. in India really cares.

Those who believe that Modi is the man to save the nation, Congress should also consider the alternative proposed by U.S. presidential elections come. President Barack Obama has unfortunately had to take a position at a time when the world economy has sputtered and faces of other "lost years". His leadership has been caught by his constituents and all of the above of his being a president's term - if it faces a strong opponent. The problem is that Republicans do not seem to be able to find a strong candidate to take on Obama. In the period before the primary process, every Republican candidate seems ridiculous and not for another. An analogy may be apt Narendra Modi is Rick Perry of Indian politics. Unless Rick Perry does not preside over the murder of nearly a thousand residents of Texas.

Congress Party is vulnerable because of its own misdeeds, from the nuclear deal, which was pushed by parliament with the votes that have purchased the eyes on the looting of the country, the 2G scam. Anna Hazar showed widespread public disgust that exists for the government of the UPA, the character assassination of members of the team of Anna can remove personnel, but not disgust the public. How is the public nausea that voters are willing to tolerate a timid and unimaginative senior minister Prithviraj Chavan Maharashtra is as pure as it is a study of DNA has shown this week. The opposition parties need to think about maximizing the potential on the horizon, but the available evidence, it does not seem an easy task. The BJP has overestimated its own strength and ability to provide an alternative.

The fact that some of its more worthy still believe that 84 years, LK Advani Rath Yatra is a candidate h, despite the fact that he led a campaign to lose in 2009, shows the bankruptcy of their political strategy.

India has had several experiences with non-Congress, non-BJP government, but did not last the course. This is not a future experience, too, will. But regional parties must work together for the year 2012 in two stages: UP elections and the presidential election in India. Mayawati looks set to decide in the first maybe you should take the initiative to develop alternative strategies in the upcoming parliamentary elections. (I do not give importance to the anti-caste Mayawati reports in our media, and voters do not believe that either.) And the other, if Mamata, Jayalalithaa, Nitish, etc., should follow their example. Far better to be deceived to follow the example of Modi, because theirs is a path to nowhere in a hurry.


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