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Dirty Picture passed with no cuts, Desi Boyz for adults only

Censor Board seems to be throwing surprises in the film industry - some pleasant and unpleasant for others.

Two great films to come were examined by the Censorship Board this week and the committee's decision surprised many. Apparently, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham Desi Boyz received a certificate from an image, while Vidya Balan is a sex symbol in Dirty Picture was passed without any cuts.

A source says, "The creators of Desi Boyz had planned a U / A certificate as it is a big budget film with Akshay and John in the cast were largely aimed at family audiences and young too. Unfortunately for them, the film received an adult-certification. " Akshay Kumar and John Abraham play male strippers in the film and would have resulted in the board's decision.

On the other hand, the creators of The Dirty Picture was a little nervous about censorship. "While they had clearly expected a certificate of adult education (Vidya Balan with good dose of skin show), they were a little afraid if Censor Board would ask about discounts." The film also been in controversy with Silk brother Smith filed an action against the portrait of his sister bad end in the film. But the examiner did not see any problem, and the film was passed without any cuts.


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