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Pooja Misrra out of Bigg Boss 5?

Model VJ Pooja Misrra which is known for collecting fights for his fellow prisoners of the house of Bigg Boss was asked to leave the show because of his violent behavior.

Pooja was chosen as captain of the house recently. This was apparently not sit well with MTV VJ Splitsville winner and Siddharth. His irritation was evident and it was then that Pooja decided to talk about it.

But instead of speaking, it is evident that the two decided to make the opposition, and it was a pooja Misrra lost his temper and become violent.

If this is not the first time that the lady lost her composure, Bigg boss seems to have had enough. Bigg Boss was invited to leave the house.

Will it be the end of Pooja Misrra saga? Wait and see.

Pooja Misrra

Pooja antics

  • Did you see the various characters before, not to mention the infamous Joker, seems to lead off very admirably.
  • She fought with almost all detainees, including Sky, Amar, Pooja Bedi.
  • She took the advice of Swami Agnivesh controlling anger.


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