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'Don 2' makers aren't worried

One can well assume the manufacturers of 'Don 2' to be an troubled number. After all, this much anticipated follow up is a super crore project offering Shah Rukh Khan and though it is not being introduced as 'the greatest movie ever' created, there are still big levels included. With just three months to go for the film's generate, one magic whether they are troubled about the leads of 'Don 2' since there has been a reasonable bit of negative thoughts that has set in article 'Ra.One'.

"I think there is no need to select on 'Ra.One' here. Let me tell you element though; at the end of the day if you keep aside the price element, there are still large numbers out there who went to cinemas and saw the movie. It may be excellent or bad but individuals went for Shah Rukh, hence gathering selections of over 100 crores. If Shah Rukh was so much resented, the movie would have dead on it's third day," says Ritesh Sidhwani, co-producer of the movie.

Another supply from the home contributes, "The movie is developing enthusiasm and won't be affected by the circumstances of 'Ra.One'. At the end of the day Shah Rukh's fan platform is very much complete. He has given so much to this industry; he himself is least troubled about concluding of 'Don 2'. Also, Farhan Akhtar is also very positive about the item that he has created. Don't fear, all is well."

Well, we trust so as well!


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