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Shah Rukh Khan offers Lady Gaga lead role in Bollywood film

Bollywood Master Shah Rukh Khan has provided the head element to pop star Lady Gaga in his next film.

Khan said that he would really like to toss Ridiculous in one of his Bollywood shows during an appointment on UTV in which the couple discussed really like, searching and popular music, the Reflection revealed.

Lady Gaga

The 'Born this way' musician informed Shah Rukh Khan that she would really like to be element of a Bollywood film, but not as a major celebrity instead "in a lesser role".

"I don't have any illusions of being a head actress! Instead, I would like to be toss in a lesser element," she said.

During their hour-long chat Shah Rukh Khan also coached the musician how to chat some Hindi such as how to deal with her "little monsters" when in Indian.

The couple also discussed reincarnation, with the musician disclosing that she thought in the idea of restoration.

"I believe you can be born-again over and over again.

"I believe I was my dad's sis. My dad's sis passed away when she was 19 decades of age and I believe her heart is with me and so I believe that I am her reincarnation.

"When I'm in The united states and I discuss it they look at me like I'm on mad desserts," she included.


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