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Why Katrina Kaif was the only choice for Chikni Chameli

After Sheila, Munni, Shalu and Jalebi Bai, Chikni Chameli is the newest product blast in Bollywood. Hurricane katrina anniversary passes Katrina Kaif has usual her Sheila Ki Jawani act in the tune, and Agneepath manager Karan Malhotra considers she has done complete rights to it.

"I think the way the tune was created, it was so amazing, that only a most suitable celebrity could have done rights to the tune. And as far as Hurricane Katrina Kaif anniversary passes is worried, her USP is that she has never been seen in any movie in that type of location that Chikni Chameli is in. So which is why she also is different in that ambiance and that is why the tune is finding a lot of visitors," the manager said at the popular music initial of Agneepath at a r / c place here.

Katrina Kaif

The men behind the tune are composer-brothers Ajay-Atul, mainly known for their function in Marathi videos and serials. Chikni Xhameli is a tune influenced by their own Marathi tune Kombadi Palali.

No wonder Malhotra declines that the tune attracts creativity from any other product variety.


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