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Pooja Missra's Xmas gift - a hickey

Her capability of choosing challenges with exclusive contributors and unsparing strategy operated her to become perhaps the most exciting and dubious contestant in the steady interval of Big Boss.

And her methods didn't end with her continue to be within. Two times after her foreclosures (after her re-entry), Pooja 'spare me' Missraheld a press meeting on Friday evening to somewhat existing the adviser, Salman Khan and Excellent Innovator 5.

Pooja Missra
To stimulate your storage space, Pooja was cast out of the house for her dealing with another perpetrator Sidharth Bharadwaj and was later given another chance to re-enter the house merely as a interpretation to celebrity invitee Tim Symonds, not as a contestant but to just to clear her photo.

According to sources, Mahek Chahal will re-enter the  Big Boss house on the weekend separate break. Ask Pooja whether she knows of that and she says, ""Yes, I research about it."" Seemingly, what's taken industry contacts by surprise is the reality of the matter that never during all the last circumstances a extravagant card access was provided just two several weeks before the complete of the existing. The extravagant card entrant always got a relax of at least four several weeks for the complete. Does she believe the reality of the matter with Pooja Bedi's claim that Salman Khan is favouring  Mahek Chahal ? ""I do not know whether  Salman Khan  is behind Mahek or not but Mahek is definitely behind him. She is consistently using his name to put her body weight around,"" says Pooja Missra such as, ""She used to take Salman Khan's name at least 30 times a day in almost every conversation. She would talk about Mr Khan and complicated about her activities with him and heating of her video clips with him. So everybody preferred to be amazing to her to withstand in the game.""

And Pooja isn't seething with aggravation towards Chahal but has issues with Sidharth and Sky too. She thought that Sky sneaked into her bed while she was fast getting to sleep due to medication and provided her a really like bite!

""I was quite terrified and taken aback by this cowardly act. If I am a ideal personal, you proven it, but you didn't have to do it so stealthily,"" involved she.

She said that the incident didn't make it to the existing that showed. So why didn't she protest to the Excellent Boss? ""I did protest when I was within and expected the team after I came out but my pleas decreased on challenging of reading hearing,"" she quips

Pooja retains Sky responsible for the really like assault. ""Sid is a kid and he doesn't have the center to do it. It can't be Amarr because he is a dedicated man. So it must to be Sky,"" she reports.

Potty karo saaf karo, eh Pooja?


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