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"I Said Yes To Kucch Luv Jaisaa Heard His Idea Online" - Shefali Shah

The year was 1995, Bollywood witnessed the emergence of a new actor in the movie Rangeela. Even if she had a small role in the film, she made her mark. Later venture into television and eventually returns to the big screen with Satya, where his performance was hailed by critics, Shefali Shah certainly carved out a niche in the industry.

Shefali is all set for his latest film Kucch Jaisaa Luv, who plays his lead alongwith Rahul Bose. Directed Barnala Shukla said a housewife who needs his share of affection. Shefali we connected and talked about movies and more ...

"Luv Kucch Jaisaa is a story of two strangers"

Shefali Shah 

Kucch Jaisaa Luv is a film we had fun, the thing was that the crew was a very close group, but the biggest help is that we all share the same sensitivity as the work was an explosion that we all knew what we had to do. This fact allowed us to complete the shooting very fast in about 40 days. Regarding the history of cinema, it is good is about two strangers who are very different people and end up spending a day together, and how that one day radically change their lives.

"Everyone forgot to make her birthday"

The film, I play this character, whose birthday once every four years, having been born in February 1929, but the fun part is that during the filming of reality in all forgot my birthday. So, I figure this is a very rebellious person that likes to do things their own way.

"Rahul is very self-conscious"

What I noticed when working with Rahul is that an actress is very confident. I do not mean that he never tries to overshadow you never try to ruin the work. In fact, you compliments, whatever you do, I also believe that the common chemical screen well and I think that this exhibition and the film offers as well.

"Prohibitions just gave me a line that convinced me of everything"

Barnala, yes it is the first time a director will make his first appearance, but when I contacted the prohibitions in this film, which actually gave me only one line of the film, which is fully convinced that I need to do so. In addition, directing the Barnala method is that it leaves many things unsaid, so that gives operators more flexibility to experiment and functional.

"Vipul asked me who produced the film"

You know when Barnala came to me with the script, I said yes to the momentary. Later, I spoke to Vipul and said that the bans had given me a script, so they usually asked me what's going on so I gave him one in the same row. The next question was: "Who is producing the film?" I think because he is trying to extend his point of view of production and the fact that he liked when he came on board as producer.

"All films are in luck factor"

If you ask me what I expect from a movie, but I really hope and pray that the movie becomes really big hole, and not very well. But then again, every film is a factor of happiness. As every child born in the same way his own destiny, each film has its own destiny predetermined and changes depends on luck.

"The film is basically for all the title"

Buzzers Kucch Jaisaa Luv is fairly easy, it is quite true to its title. It's fun, quirky, and stupid and it's something we can never pinpoint. It's kind of feelings that come when we all had a special reading of the song in the back of your mind during your first date.

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