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Katrina Kaif Share Some Of The "Sheila" Secrets

Katrina Kaif has shown his skill of his dance moves great Sheila Ki Jawan, and he is in his view of what is going to make someone a good dancer.

Katrina has announced the winners of "Next Stop Bollywood Dance Competition" for Etihad Airways in a press conference at Taj Palace Colaba, Mumbai.

Katrina Kaif 

When asked what makes a person a good dancer, Katrina was a long answer. Of course, when the success of Sheila, she's not some things to share.

"I think the most important thing in dancing is the rhythm ... feel the music is necessary, but I think you have the passion, you have to be afraid of ridicule away, you are super confident and go out there and try to get something different, "said Katrina.

Wallpapers - Katrina will announce the winners next stop Bollywood Dance Competition

"I mean some of the most successful tracks are those that are not technically perfect. These are the songs of artists who perform a lot of fun. He or she, within the character inside and get it in their own style," said Katrina .

Katrina has also said that he is happy that the film Dabangg Salman Khan has won a national award for popular cinema.

Katrina Kaif spoke about the prospects for judging a reality dance competition at the event, which reveals that if she wants to do something one day, there is something she has thought of yet.

"I did not think of judging the reality dance competitions. But because of time and space, I could sit on a chair by the court," said Katrina.

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