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Sonakshi new face of D'Damas

"From "D’damas, which is the only brand in the country that has sub-brands, also unveiled its new campaign. We must brand's current position before" Praise always "with a smooth performance and more relevant and images personified by Sonakshi Sinha, "said an official spokesman.

Thrilled with her Damas D ', Sonakshi said: "It' s nice to be a brand ambassador Damas D ', I have to connect with D'Damas because I myself live each moment fully, and we believe in celebrating life. Damas D' standard and even more festive with the celebration of everyday life. "

"When I want to celebrate a happy event in life I turn to Damascus D '," she said.

RK Menon, COO, D'Ladies Jewellery India Pvt Ltd, 'Sonakshi Sinha is the new face of Indian women is safe, versatile and has achieved a great deal of confidence. She has the charisma, grace, beauty and attitude that fits with the brand.

"We wanted an ambassador who is not only popular, but at the same time an example of the true Indian beauty and make contact with the Indian public and Sonakshi completely fits perfectly."

The campaign captures the essence and Sonakshi expressed pleasure when he celebrates the small moments of life that brings happiness. It confirms its beauty and charm, making it more real and relatable. Also captures the moments of celebration, which increase the beauty and Sonakshi jewelry.

The campaign is based around memorable moments of your life, both ordinary class, everyday, and people once in a life lived by the first rays of the sun emerging from the darkness Through the unique experience of being a girlfriend, enjoying the joy at festivals such as Diwali.

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