The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious
The Fast and the Furious

The Fate of the Furious (F & F 8)

"Ragini MMS Is More Frightening To The" Date "a Film On Indian Celluloid" - Ekta Kapoor

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee, hot black tea with one of the biggest names in the film industry of India, Ekta Kapoor. Directs 'pint' diet Coca-Cola and a cup of refreshing green tea. I remember one of my most memorable experiences of the meeting Ekta Kapoor for her birthday last year. My first contact with her was when she gave me a hand painting called "Once Upon a Time by Balaji. It was my interpretation of the rise in India's surrealist society more than entertainment.

Ekta Kapoor
Today, when I'm sitting at right looking into the eyes, I feel that I was not wrong when I painted the idea on paper. Balaji is full of colors. There is a lot of people smile and colorful mix of creative throughout the day, of course, the occasional explosion Ekta sure. Inside, the conversations are Shor City In The MMS Dabangg Ragini to Tusshar to Jeetuji to Kainaz Motivala to Vidya Balan.

In short, all the discussions positive, thanks to that good feeling when they come in all seven layers of the Balaji office. Ekta looks like a strong woman, confident young man, but there is something enigmatic about her. I have read about him because of two decades - newspapers, magazines, television, gossip merchants ... you name it. We were able to fly to the moon for four decades and more, but one of the most famous faces in the world, I can not break in some way. My interview can be done, and I will go out Ekta private cabin. But just when I was going Balaji Building, stew, I repeat our conversation and a smile. I think I broke!

"We always keep our promises to our audience"
Ekta Kapoor

Offers & Promotions promise of his experience and why I believe that all government is presented in a theater. The public came to see experience. If Dabangg Masala promises Salman and one liners, just looking. When you get to see Mumbaai Once upon a time, they want the excitement of the seventies. Travel to Golmaal, want family entertainment with loads of humor. When you go to see a film of Anurag Kashyap, you want a dark place and an experience more incisive. And all these movies on their promises. Ragini MMS promises 'date' the scariest movie. I'm sure people want to take their girlfriends or boyfriends and will have chills. Shor Even In The City has committed a black comedy and delivered. Most people go for three hours for the experience. I try to be generic, they do not want too, but they want what they promised.

"I'm just proud of Tusshar but I think it is my most precious"

I think it's my father, that we are all really proud of. My father was Chawl and became the top star in Bollywood and worked very hard for us. When I look at my father, I am a very good thing that my father has done so much. With Tusshar, I'm not only proud of him, but I think it's my prized possession, because pride is at a certain level, it's just a delight. My greatest asset is what I want to expose. Tusshar is that I want to show the world. Very rarely you meet someone who has obtained the correct behavior, which is the son of the star will do anything for you. This is a different sense of pride I have of my father and a kind of pride I Tusshar exhibitionist. I'm a bad bad way, and one of the few people that countries in conflict (laughs), and is waiting for me. I am a brat, but Tusshar is so different from anyone else about his background. It is not a kid, is a moral and ethical, and what my parents and I'm proud of it.

"I feel, but they are also temperamental and sometimes angry"

When people walk into our offices Balaji, I want them to feel peace and they wrote a relaxation area. I'm glad you felt that way. I believe in vibes, but I am also temperamental and sometimes angry. But this place had a lot of energy, even good and sometimes bad. It is seldom easy, but somewhat quiet, do not come because of the temples here, and because the gods. They give us the vibe positive.

"With Balaji Hoonur that the process is easier"

Hoonur is a portal for new talent. Now we have our own Hoonur (laughs). We want to have direct access to hundreds of talent out there. There are many gifts that go unnoticed. Hoonur now open to the world. talented individuals do not have to run down the, Patiala Punjab and Mumbai will provide four photographs. With Hoonur, Balaji is a process to get easier. I feel humiliated and sad because there is so much talent out there and there is only so much we can do about it. In the coming days will prove Hoonur Hoonur (laughs).

"A good horror movie is the youngest is the perfect date and the experience we promise"

horror genre died a short time because there were many manufacturers and multiplexes are rare at the time. In the West, every summer there are two to three films of the horror that is the release of the movie 'date' ideal place to go with a group of friends or your daughter. A good horror movie is the young and perfect date is the experience we promise.

"I can not have a Katrina or Vidya looks Rajkumar said:" Was I your first? "It would look so fake"

I made two movies that did really well and I could get a big star, but then reality the effect is gone. I can not be Vidya or watching Rajkumar Katrina, saying: "I was the first" It would look so fake. It 's a question that normal couples are talking about. The film is not Bollywoodish but it was entertainment. These are the conversations that a couple hours a day to share with each other. They talk dirty, and it is normal and you put out the stars make a mess.

"Vidya is a chameleon. It can transfer from being a housewife for a mermaid in a second because she has in mind"

But if I want to make a film like Dirty Picture, I need a Vidya Balan. I remember him pulling the blanket in her green blouse with her bare back. She looked incredibly beautiful. It is a brilliant actress. Vidya is a chameleon. It can transfer from being a housewife for a mermaid in a second because she has in mind. From head to toe, Vidya is suitable and the only choice for Dirty Picture. Most heroines can act only as a particular character, because they rely heavily on their body and appearance, but rarely on their minds. A player can only change if it is based here (pointing to head).

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