The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious
The Fast and the Furious

The Fate of the Furious (F & F 8)

Out-of-this World Event-Set Mark Movie Premiere

There was something supernatural in the air in Weirton last fall - namely, the theme of the day when film crews from Hollywood have invaded the city of science fiction film "Super 8". JJ Abrams

In an effort to rekindle the excitement in the days before the movie June 10, release city officials announced plans for a special event, "Celebr8 been Weirton Kickoff" to commemorate the Weirton time in the spotlight. The festival will take place on 05 June along the main street near the E. Thomas Millsop Community Center.

"This will be a big party - something positive energy," said Councillor Fred Marsh, who served as the organizing committee of the festival.

As the owner of a local company that has been in his family for nearly a century, helped give Marsh Paramount Pictures, with a touch of authenticity, as he was Weirton Steel in the fictional town for years 1970 Lillian, Ohio, the resurrection of the window period signs of deep disposal.

Planned as the "street fair 70th century" the organizers, the festival will begin at 17:00 with a parade down Main Street - something like an informal event, Marsh said, and noted, "who appears in will be displayed . Many owners of vintage cars that are expected to voluntarily vehicles during the "Super 8" production to participate.

Harmony with the theme of another world, William "Chilly Billy" Card for the Pittsburgh-area television personality, who hosts a late-night horror and sci-fi show "Chiller Theatre" 1963-1983, is expected to present the event.

"He was the only guy I knew who could anticipate Saturday Night Live, and it has done in eight years," Marsh recalled.

After the parade, 1970, the music fills the center, including a live concert, a cover band "Legend" 7-9:30 pm The walking tour of some of the places used for filming is expected.

21:30 fireworks celebrations at the end.

With an estimate of $ U.S. 45 million budget, "Super 8" is the greatest movie ever made in the mountain state. The last movie to use Weirton its main location was the 1978 "The Deer Hunter.

By city resident Deb Witkowski, who was an extra in the film and served as assistant extras casting Weirtonians more than 700 attended the film's production.

Proponents of "Celebr8 Weirton" festival include the city of Weirton, Parks and Recreation Board Weirton, Hancock County Savings Bank, the top of the West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau and WVFO.


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