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Salman Continues To Influence Sonakshi

Dabangg may have been the thing of the past, but it seems Sonakshi is certainly not ready to forget what the film (and, especially, Salman Khan) has done for her. Although he moved to another part of Joker, has not been able to dissociate completely Dabangg. This can be seen not only the makeup and costume accessories, but are made from the territory of the Pandey "Chulbul.

Salman Khan Sonakshi Sinha
"There are too many similarities to forget themselves," says the costume designer, "First came his" ghaghra-choli 'eyes seemed to be gathered on what "Munni" left Dabangg. It 'was amazing, since the U.S. returned Sonakshi play Joker and the girl is still smoking. Chalo theek BHI April you, but what about those sunglasses he wears and the scene? If you look closely, they are clearly inspired by the Salman Khan show Dabangg.

Well, I did not even need to see more tangible inspiration, because of the design Sonakshi glasses is too obvious to ignore. Although he had two heart Dabangg flashing reflected in sunglasses Salman during the song "Mast Mast Tere Do Nain 'Sonakshi Joker seems to have taken a pun on" Mast Mast has seen "too seriously. This time, his glasses themselves are designed for the heart.

Shirish Kunder, writer-director and Joker is really carefree about the whole thing and does not deny any similarities. "It 's there for all to see, so why should I deny nothing," she smiles, "After all that is wearing on the street and maintain the equipment at the same time off as Salman Dabangg, I see nothing wrong with 's line of heroin as well. "

He continued adding, "Sonakshi considered that these glasses are very cute and when I remembered that create an effect similar to flash template Dabangg Salman hearts, I do not care at all. That's all fun. If this requires you to draw some inspiration that is so popular, I went for it. "

I wonder what the next would be when it comes to getting "inspired"!

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