The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious
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The Fate of the Furious (F & F 8)

"Why Do We Watch Bollywood Films In India As A Region?" - JP Dutta

The almost total exclusion of Bollywood from the list of national awards and the selection of Dabangg as "sound artist" has left many residents of Bollywood breathless. A leading filmmaker whose films used to scan all prices popular until recently considered "Okay a lot of very good films in regional languages. But I think please try each state makes it look like domestic prices caramels in a kindergarten class."

Jury head JP Dutta is unfazed by the criticism. "Why do we Indians try to Bollywood films and regional films? There is only one cinema in the country, the Indian cinema. It is unfortunate that many filmmakers in Bollywood with Mumbai assimilate Indian cinema. They have to open your eyes and look at your around. "

JP is fascinated by the movies produced this year. "I was surprised at how quality conscious film I've seen this year for the National Awards. The film that won awards are really excellent. Some of them were so touching, they made me cry. "JP is not satisfied with the way domestic prices have been executed on the electronic media." Television channels were simply rehashing the movies Hindi. What about the winners in other languages? They do not need anything because they are not in Hindi? I do not think the language should be given such importance in our film. "

The eyebrows are raised specifically for the selection of Dabangg healthy entertainment. JP Dutta rises to the defense of the film. "I think the artist is Dabangg perfect sound. It propagates family values. It shows the alcoholic father sacrificed his life when he feels he is in the way of life of his daughter. And it shows half-brothers united as a force to protect the family. "

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