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Kucch Jaisaa Luv Is Not Convincing Enough

Madhu Saxena (Shifaali Shah) is a busy busy housewife and mother of two angelic children. His parents adore him, worship him in-laws, family friends to visit him. Madhu, but life is not perfect. Her husband is just aware of its existence. And when he wants romance and suspense, which is absent from his life, man stock prices go. Well, not so idyllic after all.

Birthdays are a big event. After all, she was born in a leap year and get to celebrate once in four years. And her husband is insensitive to forget. Poor lady. Add salt to the wound. Mr. Saxena (Sumeet Raghavan) has the gall to compare it with a lizard, his father says to make a living.

Grumpy and grouchy Madhu, played by Shah Shifaali is at the end of the tie. She leaves home in a rowdy mood oscillating between fatigue and euphoria. It seems more frustrated than schizophrenic.

Good old retail therapy comes to the rescue and salwar-kameez is rejected in favor pink dress. Revealing the right amount of cleavage. Heaps of makeup and a track car. Of course, no evidence is necessary. Grand opening of the script. But Kucch Jaisaa Luv you. History is full of improbable situations ...

Shifaali encountered in a cafe, itching for a fight. Raghav "bad" A chance encounter with played by Rahul Bose [Images]. Together, they embark on an adventure. Suddenly Shifaali pipes up "mein meri life hai ki koi problem sabko laagta hi nahi hai. We agree with the verdict too. It's easy to predict the script from there.

Kucch Luv Jais focuses on two actors, Shifali Shah and Rahul Bose. The plot is artificial. Two people have been put together to address the possibility of a surprise, two people who literally throw themselves into each other to produce yawns.

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