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Thanuja on the other side

Thanuja Ananthan is a girl hard to miss. Standing six feet tall, this Miss World Malaysia 2009 can be considered one of the striking of all.

Now he has the chance to be on the other side of the fence as a judge in the Miss World Malaysia 2011!

The Malay Mail yesterday met with Johnson & Johnson press conference soft Hermosa Search the Web to ask what he has done since his win and experience to judge.

Thanuja Ananthan

"We had one foot in East Malaysia test and it seemed that belly dancing has been a trend there. More than 90 percent of the girls were up for hearings through the talent round belly dancing."

Thanuja joked that maybe, when they called auditions in Kuala Lumpur, they say "no more belly dancers."

"This year is a bit 'different in the sense that we are looking for a lot of girls on top. We prefer girls and 175 cm longer. This is not easy to find in Malaysia."

He said that a strict height requirement due to the fact that girls tend to be quick to swallow the competition when they compete at international level.

"The truth is that judges tend to give more attention to the rise of girls gives them an advantage."

The girls in this year's contest may also eager to win RM200, 000, the biggest prize of cash ever.

Unlike most beauty queens I can not wait to get into the film industry, Thanuja said he had no intention of doing and wants to concentrate on modeling and emceeing.

"A few months after my win I was offered a dramatic role in Bollywood, but I refused. Many people said I was stupid, but it was not what I wanted to do. In the future I might try my hand at the theater can be."

Unfortunately, men of hope out there, a bubbly 25-year-old boy of five years, that if someone asks, is taller than her.

"My friend is six feet two, but of course if I wear heels, I'd be more if you complain, I've always said." Who asked you not be six feet seven "Thanuja laughter.

Busy with her career, said Thanuja marriage is not on the cards anytime soon.


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