The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious
The Fast and the Furious

The Fate of the Furious (F & F 8)

Amitabh Bachchan

Madhur Bhandarkar is a difficult time deciding on an actor to play young lover Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in heroin.

Although Arjun Rampal has been signed to play a leading man, there is another function to a young actor who romances and Ash is in a serious relationship in the film. The three players nominated for this role is Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan and Prateik.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Source says, "Aish is a track very interesting young actress who falls in love with him. He basically uses his climb up the social ladder and make it big in industry. There are also some romantic scenes between the actor and Ash. It 's a role that was fought between the three actors. "

While Imran and Ranbir were the two obvious first choice, the name given the development Prateik an interesting twist. None of these actors have worked with Ash and the link would be a first time. The source added: "It's not done yet, but it will be one of those three guys Madhur is still in the casting process and render a decision within the next few weeks .."

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Big B Sings Four Songs And Bbuddah

Amitabh Bachchan has sung in many of his earlier films, but this time it is in test mode. The protagonist is Hoga Tera Baap-Bbuddah, Big B has done not one but four songs in the film.

It is believed that the music directors decided to use his original vote and therefore asked Big B to sing for his character to better effect. Talking about the song Big B announced on his blog that the music directors Vishal Shekhar have recorded these songs in a capella style.

Amitabh Bachchan

Acapella music is vocal music or singing without instrumental accompaniment. He said, "There is a lovely combination of many styles of music. Four of the songs have been rendered in my voice and I am afraid you may have to suffer through them, as they come from a non singer." 
He also informs that Bbuddah theme which has been playing in all the promos has also been recorded Acapella style. Overwhelmed by the response the promo is getting, Big B wrote, "The film is flamboyant in style, especially in my character which you may have guessed by the dressing design in the trailer. It is tongue-in-cheek where I am concerned, relaxed, laid back and cool. To quote one of the lines in the Bbuddah theme - 'Cool ka School hun mai!' this apart from the catch phrase 'thoda action thoda Jackson' also in the theme tune in the Acapella style," he singed off. 

For sure, Bbuddah will be a treat for all Amitabh Bachchan fans. 

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Rajinikanth Treatment In Singapore

Superstar Rajinikanth, who flew to Singapore for further treatment, was taken to the ICU is the Mount Elizabeth Hospital soon after arrival. actress of 61 years, was taken in Singapore "rest and rehabilitation" after the release of Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, where it reached 13 in May and respiratory infections and other problems.


There are also reports that the actor is experiencing the treatment of renal disease in Singapore. Meanwhile, thousands of fans flocked Superstar Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore about his welfare.

Before leaving India, Rajni also left a recorded voice message promising Tamil soon be back soon. In the minutes of audio, said: "I like doing my routine. It will come as soon as the treatment becomes. How I can return the love you showed me? How do I pay it all? Never cast me all my fans around the world. I have the blessing of God and the blessings of the Guru. Above all, I have the blessing of all my fans that are the manifestation of God. "

We wish a speedy recovery, our superstar!

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'Ready' Salman charms Chandigarh with his witty answers

People in Chandigarh on Thursday an unforgettable night with none other than current Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

"Dabangg" superstar was the city to promote his upcoming film actress "Ready" co-star of the Asin South India.

He communicated with his fans and mediapersons in the usual style of love "Bindaas and fun.

The hero of the masses mediapersons faced during the Meet and Greet program at the Taj Hotel.

When asked why the female characters were lower in his films, Salman, in his independent spirit, said the next time distribute CDs of the film with Asin on the cover only.

The actress also had fun with the children there and gave them his autograph.

Here are some exclusive photos of the event:

salman khan

salman khan

salman khan

salman khan

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Sonakshi new face of D'Damas

"From "D’damas, which is the only brand in the country that has sub-brands, also unveiled its new campaign. We must brand's current position before" Praise always "with a smooth performance and more relevant and images personified by Sonakshi Sinha, "said an official spokesman.

Thrilled with her Damas D ', Sonakshi said: "It' s nice to be a brand ambassador Damas D ', I have to connect with D'Damas because I myself live each moment fully, and we believe in celebrating life. Damas D' standard and even more festive with the celebration of everyday life. "

"When I want to celebrate a happy event in life I turn to Damascus D '," she said.

RK Menon, COO, D'Ladies Jewellery India Pvt Ltd, 'Sonakshi Sinha is the new face of Indian women is safe, versatile and has achieved a great deal of confidence. She has the charisma, grace, beauty and attitude that fits with the brand.

"We wanted an ambassador who is not only popular, but at the same time an example of the true Indian beauty and make contact with the Indian public and Sonakshi completely fits perfectly."

The campaign captures the essence and Sonakshi expressed pleasure when he celebrates the small moments of life that brings happiness. It confirms its beauty and charm, making it more real and relatable. Also captures the moments of celebration, which increase the beauty and Sonakshi jewelry.

The campaign is based around memorable moments of your life, both ordinary class, everyday, and people once in a life lived by the first rays of the sun emerging from the darkness Through the unique experience of being a girlfriend, enjoying the joy at festivals such as Diwali.

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Sonakshi loses Rs 25 lakh diamond solitaire on sets

The "Dabangg" Girl Sonakshi Sinha lost diamond jewelry worth Rs 25 lakh of his vanity van. The incident took place when the cast and crew were enjoying Shirish Kunder birthday during filming "Joker."

Looking around, Sonakshi could not find her jewelry, she was silent. She thought he might have had with other fabrics, but later, when she opened it, found nothing. The actress has not been an outcry over the loss of diamond jewelry worth Rs 25 lakh as not to delay the shoot.

The unit members learned of the theft until much later. Shirish Kunder has confirmed the news and said that everyone enjoyed his birthday on the set during Sonakshi diamond solitaire earrings disappeared from her vanity van.

However, the actress filed a complaint with the police.

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Leopard strays into Hema Malini's bungalow in Mumbai

A leopard strayed into bungalow actor-MP Hema Malini in suburban Malad today and left hours later, forestry officials said.

Veteran Filmstar was not present bungalow is situated in a Dindoshi when the big cat, probably close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, made a "pause" at his residence, officials said.

The first home goalkeeper today leopard noticed from the beginning bungalow lawn and alerted local police and park officials, who sent a team with a cage and tranquilizers to get him. However, his search was futile as the leopard left the scene.

The park covers about 100 square kilometers northwest of Mumbai, has a large population of leopards and some of them often stray into the adjacent neighborhoods.

Maharashtra Minister of Forests Patangrao Kadam told PTI that he has requested information from senior officials about the incident. "We'll see how the leopard strayed into the bungalow," said Kadam.

In a lighter vein, the minister quipped: "How does the leopard Hema Malini's bungalow?"

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Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan attends Shah Rukh Khan's party

Badshah Shah Rukh Khan's house party at Mannat Wednesday evening was a rocking affair as B-towners turned out in full attendance. And while attendance has been the usual coterie of friends, what really captured all the guards, the presence of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's wife.

Although there was never any open hostility between Khan and the Bachchans, the two apparently have not been very kind to the earth, either. Ties were very poor, especially when Shah Rukh was left off the list of guests at the wedding of a couple of four years ago. So when the couple drove Bachchan about 3 am, there was a flurry of excited murmurs, even among the guests.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

According to sources, was almost half past two hours, when about 4.30, and a good friend, Goldie Behl. According to reports, Ash herself was a relapse with SRK while apparently had been replaced by Rani Mukerji in Chalte Chalte, when her then boyfriend Salman Khan, Shah Rukh had a fight with a different film. Both of these have never worked together since, and is known to have passed through the projects, which seems to be there together.But Khan and the Bachchans, he felt called last truce.

An industry source said it was also the need of the hour and the smart thing to do, whether they had extended the olive branch first. "Aishwarya has limited its choice to the association against most of the stars to alienate himself from most of them. Salman was out of question, and it was common bond because Salman Aamir. SRK was also gone. But with SRK return to the photo, is more of a hero potential, "said the source. There are, however, the buzz attended the Bachchans do that because it was also to celebrate the anniversary of the director Karan Johar. In both cases, now wonder if the new Takka Dosti give another camp of Khan.

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Liv Tyler Undressing New Movie For The First Time After 15 Years

It appeared that the actress Liv Tyler strip for a steamy love scene in his upcoming movie The Ledge for the first time in 15 years.

This is the first nude scene since 1996's Beauty steal the actress 33 years, reports Fox News.

Liv Tyler
"I was like, 'Oh, no, sorry," he said after reading the screenplay for Stealing Beauty requesting that look natural.

"Of course, the idea seems to parts of the body is a scary thought, I think it's scary. Not to mention the world. And he fought till the end," he said.

But this time, Tyler has finally lost his case and lost her top in Bernardo Bertolucci's coming of age film.

The film opens in limited release July 8.

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Kucch Jaisaa Luv Is Not Convincing Enough

Madhu Saxena (Shifaali Shah) is a busy busy housewife and mother of two angelic children. His parents adore him, worship him in-laws, family friends to visit him. Madhu, but life is not perfect. Her husband is just aware of its existence. And when he wants romance and suspense, which is absent from his life, man stock prices go. Well, not so idyllic after all.

Birthdays are a big event. After all, she was born in a leap year and get to celebrate once in four years. And her husband is insensitive to forget. Poor lady. Add salt to the wound. Mr. Saxena (Sumeet Raghavan) has the gall to compare it with a lizard, his father says to make a living.

Grumpy and grouchy Madhu, played by Shah Shifaali is at the end of the tie. She leaves home in a rowdy mood oscillating between fatigue and euphoria. It seems more frustrated than schizophrenic.

Good old retail therapy comes to the rescue and salwar-kameez is rejected in favor pink dress. Revealing the right amount of cleavage. Heaps of makeup and a track car. Of course, no evidence is necessary. Grand opening of the script. But Kucch Jaisaa Luv you. History is full of improbable situations ...

Shifaali encountered in a cafe, itching for a fight. Raghav "bad" A chance encounter with played by Rahul Bose [Images]. Together, they embark on an adventure. Suddenly Shifaali pipes up "mein meri life hai ki koi problem sabko laagta hi nahi hai. We agree with the verdict too. It's easy to predict the script from there.

Kucch Luv Jais focuses on two actors, Shifali Shah and Rahul Bose. The plot is artificial. Two people have been put together to address the possibility of a surprise, two people who literally throw themselves into each other to produce yawns.

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'Abhishek teases Shah Rukh'

Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders in an eliminator beats Wankhede Wednesday. Meanwhile tried KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan and his friends put up a brave front to get into the festive spirit to be the 39 anniversary KJo.

But things were a bit difficult to manage when Abhishek Bachchan went to a party wearing a team jersey Mumbai Indians. Bachchan Jr arrived about one o'clock, about an hour after Harbhajan Singh hit six over midwicket haunting, winning the match.

"Kya hai yeh Abhishek Ne Pehna?" quickly became the subject of discussion. After all, it was shocking to see someone go into the house wearing a sweater SRK team Mumbai Indians as it was still under the shock of being eliminated from IPL for the fourth consecutive time.

SRK is known to be a very emotional man, was also the match between Wednesday, I prefer to look at is confined to their homes instead. How is this salt rubbing his wounds? "SRK felt when all but sports.

After all, he was the host of the party. In addition, SRK is a very charming man. Kuch toh eh Uske Chehra toh nahi dikha. There were many guests at the feast of Preity Zinta, Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Siddharth Roy Kapoor, Zarina Mehta, Ronnie Screwvalla, Jessie Mehr, Maheep and Sanjay Kapoor, Bhavna Pandey, Hrithik Roshan and Susanne, "said an eyewitness.

Except for the controversial sport shirt, Abhishek has also raised eyebrows when he greeted Rani Mukerji and Priyanka Chopra.

You will recall that the problems started between Abhishek and Priyanka after winning the award for best actress for fashion. The mother of the actor Jaya Bachchan said at the time that Aishwarya was the owner of the title for his performance in Ashutosh Gowariker Jodhaa Akbar.

The Cold War Abhishek-Rani goes back to his marriage with Aishwarya Rai. The success of Screen Couple Rani and Abhishek have also been linked by the media, and it was assumed that the two would eventually marry.

Abhishek recently extended the olive branch, inviting Rani "His best actor and always alone." Conversation with each other at a party just proved that everything was really good.

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Bipasha Basu Held In Customs For Undeclared Goods

While the cricketers strutting their business in this area, Mumbai publicans really have a field day. After Minissha Lamba, it's now the turn of the ultra rich Bipasha Basu held by customs officers yesterday. The reason? Well, officials say she did not declare valuables imported.

Bipasha Basu

Reports that have a border control station, arrived from London to Mumbai, where the Assistant Commissioner (Customs) Sameer Wankhede Green Line stopped him and asked for a review of its stock. Post that found that he had informed his shoes, sunglasses and handbags are imported. Bipasha, on his behalf had been left off after the officials paying the customs duty (Rs.12, 000 and duties), but it was not prescribed.

The actress said that only jewelry and electronic equipment must be notified. SLO exchange also said it was a real case of not knowing the laws and not trying to cheat.

When contacted, Bipasha said: "It 'was just a routine check to the airport and many others were also inspected I paid Rs 12,000 in personal property taxes in some customs I think the team is doing a great job .. .. "

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Ailing Rajnikanth to fly to Singapore

Tamil superstar Rajnikanth, who is currently receiving treatment at Chennai n 'Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre (SRMC), fly to Singapore for further treatment on Friday night.

According to reports, Rajnikanth has been reserved as en''kørestol passager''på a plane to Singapore Airlines. His wife and daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya Latha should accompany him.

Actor of 60 years was hospitalized May 13 and recurrent respiratory infections and digestive problems.

Doctors at the hospital is to argue that Rajni is recovering well and is happy.

Rajnikanth, who suffered from viral fever and exhaustion SRMC recently was admitted after being discharged from another hospital where he was treated for an allergic bronchitis and viral fever.

He had suffered from fatigue, 29 April, the first day of filming her new film''Rana''co-time Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone with.

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Thanuja on the other side

Thanuja Ananthan is a girl hard to miss. Standing six feet tall, this Miss World Malaysia 2009 can be considered one of the striking of all.

Now he has the chance to be on the other side of the fence as a judge in the Miss World Malaysia 2011!

The Malay Mail yesterday met with Johnson & Johnson press conference soft Hermosa Search the Web to ask what he has done since his win and experience to judge.

Thanuja Ananthan

"We had one foot in East Malaysia test and it seemed that belly dancing has been a trend there. More than 90 percent of the girls were up for hearings through the talent round belly dancing."

Thanuja joked that maybe, when they called auditions in Kuala Lumpur, they say "no more belly dancers."

"This year is a bit 'different in the sense that we are looking for a lot of girls on top. We prefer girls and 175 cm longer. This is not easy to find in Malaysia."

He said that a strict height requirement due to the fact that girls tend to be quick to swallow the competition when they compete at international level.

"The truth is that judges tend to give more attention to the rise of girls gives them an advantage."

The girls in this year's contest may also eager to win RM200, 000, the biggest prize of cash ever.

Unlike most beauty queens I can not wait to get into the film industry, Thanuja said he had no intention of doing and wants to concentrate on modeling and emceeing.

"A few months after my win I was offered a dramatic role in Bollywood, but I refused. Many people said I was stupid, but it was not what I wanted to do. In the future I might try my hand at the theater can be."

Unfortunately, men of hope out there, a bubbly 25-year-old boy of five years, that if someone asks, is taller than her.

"My friend is six feet two, but of course if I wear heels, I'd be more if you complain, I've always said." Who asked you not be six feet seven "Thanuja laughter.

Busy with her career, said Thanuja marriage is not on the cards anytime soon.

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AWESOME HOT PHOTO Hansika Motwani Jeans

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Jason Statham Puts His Hollywood Hills Home For Sale For $ 2.74million ... Because He Builds Nido D 'Amore Him And Rosie

It has gradually established its property portfolio since his arrival in Los Angeles nearly 10 years.

Jason Statham 

But it seems Jason Statham is ready to unload one of his house as he constructs a Lovenest new to him and model girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
Jason Statham Home 1

Jason Statham Home 2

Jason Statham Home 3

Jason Statham Home 4

Jason Statham Home 5

Jason Statham Home 6
Derbyshire-born actor, 43, sells his house contemporary glass in the Hollywood Hills for $ 2.74million (£ 1.69million).

2280 square foot house was built in 1957 and has been described as reminiscent of the "Glass House" by Philip Glass walls Johnson from floor to ceiling.

Three bedrooms, three bathrooms well distributed on one floor and includes a swimming pool surrounded by hedges, giving a feeling of privacy.

Although private, the glass walls of building a tremendous sense of light.

The Lock, Stock star smoking barrels purchased the property for $ 2.4million (£ 1.48million) in 2005 after Transporter 2 is out, who makes $ 85 million in worldwide box office.

A real estate source said: "The house has a very macho feeling.

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Brad Pitt Says Fatherhood Is Scary

children Shiloh, four, and twins Vivienne and Knox, two, said: "It 's all changed I'm afraid of death, to be sure we are not all.?

"Who does not? I mean, I do not want to go just yet, but it is our whole life. And it is something that interests me that his father, and I am more worried about is that they are safe and secure.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt 

"In fact, the only fear is - when I used more interested in me, now I do not give as ***. I just want to make sure everything is OK."

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt 

47 years, went to add that, to spend time with his family in the world did Angelina, 35, expert packing suitcases.

He said: "We are very glad to find we are very nomadic.

"We went down and the children received their backpacks. They have to carry their bags and forget it, forget -. Because there is too much to not lose sight of"

Brad added the British newspaper The Sun: "Mum is really good packaging She is an activist, she is really, really talented I could not do it ...

"We have a base camp in Los Angeles and we are trying to establish a base here in France, which can be a center to go elsewhere."

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Amitabh Makes New Style Statement BHTB

Legendary Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is seen as presenting their style statement in her forthcoming film "Earth Bbuddah Baap Hoga".

In "Terra Bbuddah Höga Baap ', is Amitabh will prove to fans that age means nothing to the elegance. The actor will be seen displaying a bold new avatar in the film.

Amitabh Bachchan
The actor would make a fashion statement by flashing designer jeans and colored shirts strutting along the film.

Interestingly, it also means that Amitabh has supplemented his look in the film with his personal touch with the use of two wristwatches. The actor, who loves two sports watches, used his own style in the film.

Amitabh returns to his original screen image BHTB

"Terra Bbuddah Höga Baap, written and directed by Puri Jagannadh, see Amitabh Bachchan returns to its original avatar.

The next movie you remember Amitabh famous movie "Deewar ',' Agneepath", "Shah Shah" and "Hum" in which he portrayed the character of an angry young man.

Amitabh Bachchan
Buzz is that director Puri Jagannadh raised Amitabh film man so angry and has ensured that the popular actor, his mouth the dialogue in his films of the famous "Terra Bbuddah Baap Hoga".

Amitabh loved to sing Rabindra Sangeet

Recently had Amitabh singing Rabindranath Tagore, claiming Cholo Re "song for Sujoy Ghosh's film, starring Vidya Balan as the protagonist, and she plays a pregnant woman in her.

Having enjoyed singing a song, Big B will be updated fans of the beautiful experience of writing on his blog, "Singing Rabindra Sangeet for the first time was the biggest revelation. Language beauty, the poem is a melody and its Dhun are exceptional. Singing out there today, you'll see how inadequate you are dealing with something created by Gurudev Tagore. "

Sources have revealed that the actor has a collection of CDs at home Rabindra Sangeet, and he plays all that time to time.

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"Ragini MMS Is More Frightening To The" Date "a Film On Indian Celluloid" - Ekta Kapoor

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee, hot black tea with one of the biggest names in the film industry of India, Ekta Kapoor. Directs 'pint' diet Coca-Cola and a cup of refreshing green tea. I remember one of my most memorable experiences of the meeting Ekta Kapoor for her birthday last year. My first contact with her was when she gave me a hand painting called "Once Upon a Time by Balaji. It was my interpretation of the rise in India's surrealist society more than entertainment.

Ekta Kapoor
Today, when I'm sitting at right looking into the eyes, I feel that I was not wrong when I painted the idea on paper. Balaji is full of colors. There is a lot of people smile and colorful mix of creative throughout the day, of course, the occasional explosion Ekta sure. Inside, the conversations are Shor City In The MMS Dabangg Ragini to Tusshar to Jeetuji to Kainaz Motivala to Vidya Balan.

In short, all the discussions positive, thanks to that good feeling when they come in all seven layers of the Balaji office. Ekta looks like a strong woman, confident young man, but there is something enigmatic about her. I have read about him because of two decades - newspapers, magazines, television, gossip merchants ... you name it. We were able to fly to the moon for four decades and more, but one of the most famous faces in the world, I can not break in some way. My interview can be done, and I will go out Ekta private cabin. But just when I was going Balaji Building, stew, I repeat our conversation and a smile. I think I broke!

"We always keep our promises to our audience"
Ekta Kapoor

Offers & Promotions promise of his experience and why I believe that all government is presented in a theater. The public came to see experience. If Dabangg Masala promises Salman and one liners, just looking. When you get to see Mumbaai Once upon a time, they want the excitement of the seventies. Travel to Golmaal, want family entertainment with loads of humor. When you go to see a film of Anurag Kashyap, you want a dark place and an experience more incisive. And all these movies on their promises. Ragini MMS promises 'date' the scariest movie. I'm sure people want to take their girlfriends or boyfriends and will have chills. Shor Even In The City has committed a black comedy and delivered. Most people go for three hours for the experience. I try to be generic, they do not want too, but they want what they promised.

"I'm just proud of Tusshar but I think it is my most precious"

I think it's my father, that we are all really proud of. My father was Chawl and became the top star in Bollywood and worked very hard for us. When I look at my father, I am a very good thing that my father has done so much. With Tusshar, I'm not only proud of him, but I think it's my prized possession, because pride is at a certain level, it's just a delight. My greatest asset is what I want to expose. Tusshar is that I want to show the world. Very rarely you meet someone who has obtained the correct behavior, which is the son of the star will do anything for you. This is a different sense of pride I have of my father and a kind of pride I Tusshar exhibitionist. I'm a bad bad way, and one of the few people that countries in conflict (laughs), and is waiting for me. I am a brat, but Tusshar is so different from anyone else about his background. It is not a kid, is a moral and ethical, and what my parents and I'm proud of it.

"I feel, but they are also temperamental and sometimes angry"

When people walk into our offices Balaji, I want them to feel peace and they wrote a relaxation area. I'm glad you felt that way. I believe in vibes, but I am also temperamental and sometimes angry. But this place had a lot of energy, even good and sometimes bad. It is seldom easy, but somewhat quiet, do not come because of the temples here, and because the gods. They give us the vibe positive.

"With Balaji Hoonur that the process is easier"

Hoonur is a portal for new talent. Now we have our own Hoonur (laughs). We want to have direct access to hundreds of talent out there. There are many gifts that go unnoticed. Hoonur now open to the world. talented individuals do not have to run down the, Patiala Punjab and Mumbai will provide four photographs. With Hoonur, Balaji is a process to get easier. I feel humiliated and sad because there is so much talent out there and there is only so much we can do about it. In the coming days will prove Hoonur Hoonur (laughs).

"A good horror movie is the youngest is the perfect date and the experience we promise"

horror genre died a short time because there were many manufacturers and multiplexes are rare at the time. In the West, every summer there are two to three films of the horror that is the release of the movie 'date' ideal place to go with a group of friends or your daughter. A good horror movie is the young and perfect date is the experience we promise.

"I can not have a Katrina or Vidya looks Rajkumar said:" Was I your first? "It would look so fake"

I made two movies that did really well and I could get a big star, but then reality the effect is gone. I can not be Vidya or watching Rajkumar Katrina, saying: "I was the first" It would look so fake. It 's a question that normal couples are talking about. The film is not Bollywoodish but it was entertainment. These are the conversations that a couple hours a day to share with each other. They talk dirty, and it is normal and you put out the stars make a mess.

"Vidya is a chameleon. It can transfer from being a housewife for a mermaid in a second because she has in mind"

But if I want to make a film like Dirty Picture, I need a Vidya Balan. I remember him pulling the blanket in her green blouse with her bare back. She looked incredibly beautiful. It is a brilliant actress. Vidya is a chameleon. It can transfer from being a housewife for a mermaid in a second because she has in mind. From head to toe, Vidya is suitable and the only choice for Dirty Picture. Most heroines can act only as a particular character, because they rely heavily on their body and appearance, but rarely on their minds. A player can only change if it is based here (pointing to head).

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After That Beside 3D Thriller Dangerous Ishq

Backed by strong public reaction to 3D and 3D-inch clear Haunted, LPP Films (OAG), a division of ASA Productions and Motion Pictures DAR (DAR), the filmed entertainment division of the DAR Media Private Limited (a CAD Capital Group Company) has announced its second contract offer of three 3D movies to celebrate the success of 3D Haunted held yesterday in Bombay. Ishq to be titled film can be dangerous, as title suggests, an edge of the security thriller.

Vikram Bhatt upcoming movie Haunted

Speaking dangerous Ishq, Vikram Bhatt, director of the film and board member, ASA Productions and Enterprises Ltd., said: "The success of 3D Haunted was not only a justification for the effort put into carrying out this project of life, but it is also clear justification restored faith in me by my producers, equipment and information about 3D. That said, after 3D Haunted my teammates, and I RAF wanted to do something different that would be bigger and better than 3D Haunted and give our audience an experience more exciting and dangerous was born Ishq that 3D Haunted also be shot entirely in 3D. "

3D Haunted has done well at the box office success the film was recognized by the industry. Its satellite and film rights are still not exploited by producers.

Commenting on the release of the film, said Arun Rangachari, Chairman, Capital Group RAF, "Vikram and the entire team of 3D Haunted came out brilliantly and have proved their doubters wrong. As I have said often the response of public is the ultimate barometer of success in our industry and the public has given us a clear thumb. Ishq dangerous-the second part of our agreement of three 3D movies will not only go far in promoting the 3D revolution, we started with 3D Haunted, but also give an audience never before felt the edge of your seat thrill experience. "

the pre-production work on dangerous Ishq has already begun. With one quarter will be the first published in 2012 by producers seeking to wrap filming by the end of this year.

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Salman Is Dating Hazel?

Salman Khan was seen socializing Hazel Keech. Bollywood is a most eligible bachelor Salman Khan is said to spend too much time, the British beauty and her star's bodyguard, Hazel. Azel is a British model of his career came to India for Bollywood. Hazel is a very heavy Brit accent, she is full of attitude as a friend of Salman Khan. Hazel is very tomboyish and ride dirt bikes. When you break up Katrina Kaif  Salman Khan has a new girl friend, the media said the two will continue a long run. Hazel Keech is a colleague of his next film, and near every day.

Salman Is Dating Hazel
Salman Khan Hindi language teaching Hazel Keech, motorcycles and offer tips for a range of screen acting. Previously, Hazel Keech has acted in Tamil film Billa. Well, we are glad that Salman has found a new partner after Katrina came out of his life. Recently Katreena Kaif is dating Ranbir Kapoor.

Media sources said Hazel was seen riding a bike and Salman Khan was sitting next to him. Bodyguard film producer Atul Agnihotri said: "I know that his name is Hazel and her mother is Indian and has moved to Bombay. Karenni Sounds a film and is seen as a sequence of college." After the launch Katrina Kaif  Sonakshi Sinha and now Britain is a model of Hazel asked Salman Khan, Bollywood's attention to the label.

Reportedly, Salman work with his former flame Katrina Kaif in a movie to be directed by Kabir Khan in Yash Raj banner.

This year, the star of such films as the pond is seen as a bodyguard, continue No Entry, Wanted and Dabangg.

And also observed that the Salman has roped model Mexico Navarrete Ximena Rosete is a sequel to Partner.

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Giuliana And Bill Rancic To Appear At The Hollywood Casino In Joliet Sign New Book

Reality TV and Bill Rancic Giuliana conduct an autograph session for customers to Hollywood Casino in Joliet 3:30 to 18:30 on Sunday, June 5 to promote the release of his latest book, "I have to do, what Now what? "

Giuliana And Bill Rancic
E! News anchor Giuliana original editor and Donald Trump Apprentice Bill Rancic, a Chicago native, star newlyweds and their own 'romantic comedy of real life "and reality show," Giuliana and Bill, "airs Monday night in the style network.

the couple's new book, "I did what now?" Shares insights behind the scenes in their real life problems of marriage and includes disputes over money, sex and jealousy, in discussions to try and children, and many others who had not seen on television.

The pair of Chicago and Los Angeles book signing, and interact with clients in Hollywood Casino Joliet. A limited number of copies of the book will be available for purchase from May 23 at Hollywood Casino Rodeo Drive gifts while supplies last. Customers can also bring a book written by Rancic be signed, including copies of his new title, Giuliana "Think like a boy", or bill of "You're Hired" and "Beyond the Lemonade Stand."

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